5 Techniques for Turning E-Commerce Visitors into Customers

What happens when traffic starts to grow and people access your e-commerce site? Are you converting them into paying customers? And if not, how can you turn visitors into customers and increase your earnings? It’s one thing to create and get traffic to your e-commerce, but if nobody wants to buy what you’re selling, your business won’t get anywhere.

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Conversion optimization is the process of maximizing the percentage of website visitors who complete the desired action (this percentage is known as the conversion rate). If you don’t already do this, you should constantly monitor your conversion rates. For pay per click advertisers, this is the percentage of people who clicked on your ad and went to your website, then took additional action, such as filling out and submitting a contact form, a request for quote or take some other action you can measure to see if your ads are successful.

5 steps to increase conversion rates

Below are five simple techniques to start improving conversion rates and turning visitors into paying customers. These tips are ideal for online stores, but most will also be very useful for all other types of websites. They are simple and also quite inexpensive ideas with video animation company, especially compared to the cost of driving additional traffic to your site or paying for advertising.

Use your return policies to convert visitors into customers

In your online shop you must promote the most convenient return policies possible, as well as being guaranteed, you can, in fact, enter special methods whereby in the case of a return you offer a coupon for a discount on other goods purchased, etc.

Offer multiple payment options to attract more buyers

In addition to credit card payments, offering other forms of payment, such as PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay which are well known and do not have authorization errors like many credit cards can entail today.

Provide easy access to customer service

What better way to provide easy access than to prepare a toll-free toll always visible. This involves costs, but it is essential to maximize conversions and transform many inactive visitors into customers who buy. They also give them much more confidence.


Use the mystery shopper

The mystery shopper, i.e. the mysterious customer, is a figure widely used to simulate orders, verifying the complete process and the experience offered by e-commerce as a whole. Plus it’s a good way to leave positive and credible reviews.

Offer special discounts and promote them strongly

Don’t miss an opportunity to promote the key products of your online shop. Free your creativity and try to vary the type of discounts and promotions. From the simple buy 2 to get 3 to the more elaborate loyalty discount with virtual point’s cards: these will entitle you to greater advantages as you buy more products. There are few better ways than this to convert visitors into active customers.

Creating and optimizing operational e-commerce is not a simple job! To overcome expenses and earn with your e-commerce it is no longer enough to be found. Once inside, in fact, they must also convince visitors to take the action. Set up tracking mechanisms, calculate conversion rates, and ask for support from professionals in the sector who can facilitate the road to success by taking less time and effort.

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