Tips To Increase Your WooCommerce Conversion Rate with Product Tables

Tips To Increase Your WooCommerce Conversion Rate with Product Tables

Creating an e-commerce store is very easy but developing it into a high-performance platform is difficult. It demands strong and efficient decisions and strategies to attract customers and converting them into loyal clientele. You need to implement smart strategies that improve your conversion rate and engage customers into buying more from your store. There are several ways to achieve this particular feat. One of those ways is to efficiently design product tables that engage customers and attract their attention.

What kinds of product tables attract more attention?

Before jumping into how to design your product tables in your WooCommerce store, let’s look into what should be the design of your product tables. Moreover, it is also important to learn the impact of designing product tables efficiently.

When a user visits your store, he explores the products to find a particular product (if he knows what he wants to buy). The customer can type product code or name of the product in the search bar and he’ll find the product. On the other hand, if he doesn’t know what he wants to buy, then your store appearance and product table can impact his buying decision. Let’s say your products are clearly visible and all the information is readily available right beside the product, then the user won’t need to explore each product separately. Otherwise, this could be a turn off for the customer and he may leave the website within a little time.

You should try to utilize a structured product table to show more products along with information in less space. This way you can expose more products to a potential client and if any of the products attract him, he might also buy the product. 

A well-structured product table should include product name/type, a little thumbnail, the price, and availability of the product. This is a very useful and proven technique to improve your conversion rate. Let’s talk about how a well-structured product table looks like.

A well-structured product table consists of rows and columns. Each row and column has certain attributes. Every row should only contain a single product. In the columns, price, description, availability, and buy now/add to cart button should be included. You can add any other column also if you’ve enough space and you think that information is essential.

Simple tips to increase conversion rate with product tables

  • Add a visible product image

The product image you’re showing in the table should be visible and sharp. The customer must be able to see the details of the product right from the thumbnail.

  • Choose the right size

The product size shouldn’t be too small or too big. Choose a size that gives a clear presentation of the product but also won’t occupy too much space.

  • Add to cart button

A very important attribute that should be included in the product table is the Add to cart button. It encourages the customer to add more products to the cart.

  • Multi-select options

The whole purpose of product tables is to improve conversion rate. Make sure to offer the option to select multiple products.

How Quick Order for WooCommerce can optimize the product tables and increase conversion rate?

Plugins are an efficient way to construct well-structured product tables. There are several native and third-party plugins available at WooCommerce that you can integrate with your store to give a table layout to the products. Quick Order for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce bulk variation order form that allows the B2B e-commerce stores to provide high-quality user experience to their customers. 

Quick Order for WooCommerce provides you a sales-winning product table where customers buy more than their initial intentions. It is an exceptional plugin to provide customers the facility to search for particular products when they know what they want to buy. This WooCommerce bulk variation order form can import each product from your store whenever a customer types something in the search field.

Let’s learn about features of Quick Order for WooCommerce.

  • Search field

Quick order form for WooCommerce gives a search bar where customers can enter the product name, SKU, or type to browse the product.

  • Thumbnail

The products appear with a thumbnail making it easy to identify if that’s what the customer wants.

  • Quantity

The products appear in the form of tables and customers can add multiple products in a single table. To increase the conversion rate, the option of quantity is also provided. Customer can enter the number of products that he wants to buy.

  • Price

The price of the full order is also shown against each row of product. 

  • Multiple order selection

Customers can create a table of products that he wants to buy by separately browsing the products from the search bar. After selecting the first product, the customer can move to the next product in the below row. 

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