Featured Snippet: What It Is And How To Reach Zero Position On Google

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By John Wick

As if to say, the zero position is a bit the elixir of long life of the brands that manage to achieve it and it is a challenge and a precious opportunity for SEO and organic positioning experts and, more generally, for the brands that they take care of their presence on the Net.

But what is the zero position on Google? Why is it so important? And how is it possible to reach it? I’ll explain it to you in this post.

Featured snippet what is it

The featured snippet or snippet in evidence or even the snippet in the foreground, also known as Google’s zero position is the search result that Google places before the first useful link in the SERPs, therefore in zero position, in fact, giving it greater relevance and visibility for that specific query.

The featured snippet consists of the extraction of part of the content present on a page that has already been previously indexed on Google. This extracted content must respond exactly and exhaustively to the question asked by a video production company in Dubai the user to the search engine.

How is a featured snippet made up?

A featured snippet usually consists of:

  • A text extracted from the page of a website and capable of responding exhaustively and pertinently to the question entered by the user;
  • A title tag, or a title with links, therefore clickable and that refers to the in-depth content;
  • The URL of the page from which the text was extracted;
  • Sometimes a relevant image that is capable of deepening the content;
  • Sometimes a bulleted list and, in some cases, a table.

The descriptive text, which represents the best answer found by Google for the given query, is a summary of what the user wants or needs to know and can be deepened by clicking on the title tag or URL indicated in the snippet.

In our case there is the reference image and a bulleted list showing the main activities to be carried out on Tumblr?

Featured snippet: advantages and disadvantages

But, therefore, is it convenient or not to have a featured snippet?

The main advantages of the zero position are the ability to attract the user’s attention, thanks to the position occupied in the search results, and the surge in the website’s click-through rate thanks to that link placed even before the first position.

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The disadvantage consists in the fact that, unlike position one, for the snippet it is not possible to choose the keyword with which to optimize the result and you cannot define the title, description, and link to be used in defining the search result.

The consequence? Nor can you define in the beginning the target to which your content is destined and therefore the people who will arrive on your website. Will they really be interested in you and your offer?

How is it possible to have a featured snippet?

There is no well-defined procedure for obtaining a snippet. The snippet, in fact, is automatically extracted by Google through its algorithm, which composes the zero result by automatically and quickly selecting the information that best answers the user’s question (text, title tag, url, eventual image).

So what can you do to reach zero on Google? Two conditions are necessary to obtain a snippet:

  • Your content must be positioned on the first page of Google search results for one or more keywords;
  • The content of your page must respond to that specific query in a pertinent, complete and exhaustive way.

In general, to produce a content capable of obtaining a snippet you must identify a clear and direct question, interesting for your target audience.

After that you will have to provide a complete, precise, concrete, and immediate answer to this question, trying to add a peculiar and original contribution, which represents a plus among the many contents present on the Net for that query.

From a technical point of view, you can facilitate the work of Google by using the headers, then the construction of the text in paragraphs and subparagraphs. In addition, the content you would like to appear in the snippet must be limited to 54-58 characters and included in a <p> tag.

Zero position on Google: conclusions

Now that you understand what the featured snippet is and how to make Google choose your content over the competition, are you ready to conquer Google’s zero position?