10 Sweet and Simple Easter Flower Arrangement

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Flowers arrangement is an art that gives homes, offices, and all avenues a beautiful sentiment. During Easter, traditionally and religiously, spring blooms are the epitome of this holy season. So, it’s no wonder to see friends and family exchanging an array of these beautiful hues in bouquets and potted plants. We are glad to show you some simple methods of arranging them below:

Top 10 Sweet & Simple Easter Flower Arrangement:

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1: Tulips

These spring bouquets in an elegant flower-vase are inviting to any dining table during Easter time. In this season, they come with varieties of lovely colors. Mixing them with other families is not easy, though. The unique thing about tulips is they continue growing even when they are in a vase. A bouquet of yellow bloom can be a perfect 30th birthday ideas that will delight most people. And don’t forget to trim them often, throw a coin inside a vessel, or give them flower food to last longer.

2: Daisies

Daisies are the type of flowers that does not require much tending. They are pocket-friendly, and with minimal care, they will last longer than most of the other herbs, such as Daffodils. They usually look fresh and emit cheerfulness and give an appealing Easter look. They are super gorgeous when mixed with the same family but different colors as shown down here;

3: Build an Easter wreath

Flower wreaths are most popular in the Xmas season, but you can as well build one for Easter. Afterall the spring brings in colorful fresh blooms that will be such a delight in any house. What you need is a form ring and soak it for a while. Then bring in your favorite flowers that are cut into one or two inches and start placing them inside the form. Fill them up as you overlap them to cover the foam fully. Now you need a hook that you will wrap with a ribbon and hang your wreath.

4: Hydrangeas 

Most florists will advise mixing the hydrangeas with other families of flowers like roses. I prefer them on their own, and if I have to combine them, then I would use the same blooms but a variety of colors. Anyway, it truly depends on how you like them. They are gorgeous when placed anywhere in the house. It can be on your bedside table, entry cabinet, or centerpiece in your lounge. They will look superb.

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Tip: when you notice hydrangea wilting, turn it upside down and immerse it in the water, and it will come back to life.

5: Hyacinth

I love the volume and shape of these flowers. These blooms are more attractive on their own, and they come in a wide variety of colors. There is hot pink, lavender, dark blue, and more. With a monochromatic mixture, they will give a beautiful spring vibe. As long as you leave the bulb on the stem, they will do fine.

6: Basket of roses

A full-filled basket of yellow roses mixed with white is not only appropriate for Easter but one of the 30th birthday ideas for a young gal who’s turning into a woman. The white roses represent her youth, a reminder that she’s still young. This gift will melt her heart and brightens her day with a cheerful package. Ask the florist to arrange them accordingly and wrap it up with a beautiful ribbon.

7: Daffodil in a rattan basket

A variety of daffodils look pretty, almost like summer-like. They are better on their own because they emit a toxin that may ruin other flowers. However, people use them as they make a perfect combination with several blooms, as shown above. Since they don’t last much in a vase, it is good to trim the stems at 45 degrees before putting them in a cold-water jar. While buying fresh daffodils, get the closed ones with a yellow tip for longer life.

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Another lovely and straightforward flower decoration is combining them with Anemone. It is something you can do. However, you might need a handful of moss and a willow or rattan basket. This gift will warm up your house.

8: Delightful forsythia

These branches are vibrant and straightforward. They make a beautiful Easter statement that brightens up your home. With a clear full flower vase and white rocks on the bottom, immerse them inside and voila! Happy Easter.

9: Spring Mix

One of our favorite arrays of spring blooms are tulips and daffodils. The best display is using the birch, and then you circularly twist them to look like a round basket. It will make a majestic centerpiece in any lounge. It is also a delightful Easter gift.

10: Unique woodsy Easter flower arrangement

Most of your favorite Easter blooms will look divine in this woodsy flower arrangement. Getting away from the polish aesthetic, you can bring in a country-side vibe with this simple DIY. All you need is approximately forty twigs that are about one and a half feet long, cut around the surface wood base, and glue them together. Then bring in your spring branches.

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In conclusion, there are many fancy ways of displaying well-arranged Easter blooms. Make use of the fresh flower arrangement shared. However, we encourage you to get creative and keep practicing. Jumping from your twenty to thirty can be scary. Nevertheless, a lovely Easter flower arrangement can also be a fab 30th birthday idea that will rejuvenate a loved one. We appreciate your interest and time in reading through our article.