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Instagram Users Password & Data Leaked

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Instagram Users Password & Data Leaked

Facebook-owned photo-sharing mobile application took to thousands of Instagram users’ passwords and all the data. The scandalous report published on the Technology Watch website states that Instagram users who have increased their followers through third parties are at risk of data leakage.

The report states that a company called Social Captain created a platform to increase the number of followers of Instagram users on which logged-in users’ passwords and data went to their servers.

According to the TechCrunch website, it has recently been revealed that under the guise of the Boosting Service, a company called Social Captain has acquired the passwords of thousands of Instagram users and is now at risk of being leaked.

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The report revealed that there was a technical error on the social captain’s website, after which no one could see any user’s profile and the data and passwords shared on it without logging in.

Technology monitoring experts have feared that millions of users’ data could be leaked because the company has not yet secured any user data.

The chief executive of Social Captain acknowledged the technical error, saying that we detected a bug through a dummy account and subsequently discovered a solution to the problem so that users’ data could be protected.

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The user account details can be viewed on the social captain’s webpage source code, even though the technical error was removed by the social captain. An Instagram spokesperson, on the other hand, says that we are investigating the matter and will take appropriate action in this regard.

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