Why did Instagram remove the ‘IGTV’ button?

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Why did Instagram remove the ‘IGTV’ button?

The photo-sharing app Instagram has quietly removed a button that appears at the top of a consumer news feed that immediately opens ‘IGTV’ when clicked.

Why was the IGTV button removed?

According to an Instagram statement, the IGTV button was equal to the direct message that very few users used. The app stated that “We introduced the IGTV button for the convenience of users but we have seen that many users are using the news feed preview to watch videos, very few users are using it. I used to watch IGTV by pressing the special button. Keep in mind that the popular social media platform, Facebook-owned app Instagram, introduced IGTV in 2018.

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Before IGTV, users could only post videos of up to 60 seconds or less. Now users will be able to watch the videos on IGTV by clicking on the IGTV button on the News Feed or the Explore page.

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