India becomes rape capital of the world

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India is the rape capital of the world says, Rahul Gandhi.

India is rape capital of the world says rahul gandhi
India is rape capital of the world says Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has said that India has become the world’s ‘rape capital’ due to government incompetence. According to media reports, while addressing the Jaipur rally, Congress President Rahul Gandhi criticized the central government and accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of damaging the country’s image and stopping investors in recent times.

Rahul Gandhi said that India’s reputation and image in the world were that it is a country of brotherhood, love, and unity, but that image of India has been damaged by Narendra Modi.

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The president of the Congress said that today India is considered the rape capital of the world. He reminded the central government that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised to provide two crore jobs to end unemployment but lost one crore young people last year.

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