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Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm: Your Best Health Assistant

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Huawei has launched a series of smartwatches that have attracted the attention of the technology world. However, for me, an authentic sports enthusiast, among those numerous products, the most impressive is Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm because of its magnific design, long battery life, and complete fitness tracking features.


Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm is characterized by its concise design. It’s a circular smartwatch with a version of 46 mm and a beautiful AMOLED touchscreen, which offers the wearer a wide version and permits them to see information like date, time, heart rate, steps, and weather clearly even in a dark environment with the rich colors and good contrast ratios.

Also, it is worth mentioning its supports gestures. Thanks to this function, you can check your sports data and time while running and walking without touching the screen. In addition, using this watch you don´t need to be concerned about the issue of delay in answering after touching. This watch is equipped with a highly accurate touch response system, which creates an awesome visual experience for users. Of course, I was a witness of this excellent performance when I used this watch for the first time and I felt totally surprised by its instant response. Probably, I’ll say it is the company’s most effective smartwatch that I’ve used.

With the intention of satisfying the need of different groups, Huawei provides buyers a lot of options of colors. Night black is for gentlemen of the commercial field because these two colors give us an impression of professionalism and prudence. And ladies would prefer refined gold and gravel beige for its elegance. The orange one reminds us of the sunset and I think it suits outgoing boys. The most attractive color for me is frosty white for its simple character without excessive decoration. However, it’s not more than my little suggestions, everyone can choose his own favorite one.


First of all, it’s an appropriate smartwatch designed to track your fitness progress all day both for its extensive workout modes and for its long battery life. As it has been in recent years, fitness is the key focus of this company’s smartwatches. This watch offers more than 100 workout modes that can respond to the monitoring needs of most sports scenes, walking, running, climbing, cycling, etc. Also, the Intelligent AI heart rate algorithm makes it possible for real-time heart rate monitoring. What’s more, 5 ATM water-resistant conditions its use at the time of swimming. I am used to wearing this watch for morning exercises, and I can check my step count, calories burned, and heart rate after doing exercises, which helps me to establish and improve my fitness plan and makes it more suitable for my health.

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It deserves to indicate that with the low power consumption system, it provides up to two weeks battery life, in this way, it frees us from the trouble of charging it fairly soon after doing exercise and we don’t need to worry about the battery suddenly going out when we do some sports that require a long time to finish like triathlon.

As for everyday life, with Huawei Watch GT 2, the brand takes us ways to track our sleep and stress to know our quality of sleep and health status through the data provided easily.

However, this watch doesn’t permit us to install other apps, so we only can use those existing ones.


In summary, Huawei Watch GT 46mm is different from similar products for its delicate and modern design and competent fitness tracking features. If you want to find a smartwatch to record your fitness data o have health concerns, this device is ideal.