Best Smartwatches With NFC

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By John Wick

Using a smartwatch, you can pay utility bills from your wrist. NFC (Near Field Communication) is a fantastic feature introduced by Nokia.

Most smartwatches today have NFC payment capabilities. Using this contactless payment method, you do not need to carry cash or credit cards. If you are uncomfortable with your full pockets, then you should own an NFC-enabled smartwatch.

Best Smartwatches With NFC

Galaxy Watch Active 2

We’ll start with the Galaxy flagship watch, which offers more premium features than we expected. In addition to NFC, there are dozens of health and fitness tracking features.

Watch active 2 adds GPS, ECG app, heart rate alteration, and stress tracking to its predecessor. Health tracking features include advanced sleep tracking, stress management, an ECG app, calorie tracking, a SpO2 monitor, and tons of sports modes.

How To Use Samsung Pay On The Watch Active 2

In order to use Samsung NFC features, you must first set them up properly. Comparatively to other NFC watches, it’s too easy. Follow these simple steps to make it work.

  • On your mobile phone, open the Galaxy Wearable app and tap “Samsung Pay.”
  • Now it’s asking for your permission. Tap “OK.”
  • After you tap “Start,” you are taken to an introduction page.
  • Tap “Add Card”
  • You will see two options: “Add credit card” and “Import cards.”
  • For new users, tap “add credit card”.
  • For security reasons, it will now ask you to set up a PIN on your Galaxy Watch.
  • It’s now time to add your card, align the card to fit inside the frame, or manually enter the card details. 
  • Congratulations, you can now use Samsung pay.


If you are an iOS user, then this is not the watch for you. Samsung Pay is not available for iOS devices. You can make five transactions without connecting to a network after setting up NFC. 

With a compatible smartphone, Samsung pay requires a stable network connection through LTE, Wifi, or Bluetooth. NFC-based terminals are the only way to make the transition. 

Apple Watch Series 6

Smartwatches have been revolutionized by Apple Watch. Everyone was surprised by their insane capabilities. The Watch Series 6 also supports Apple pay, allowing you to make contactless payments.

Aside from this, you will also get various advanced health tracking and fitness features, such as ECG app, stress tracing, advanced sleep-tracking, women health tracking, built-in sports modes, blood oxygen tracking, fall detection, and more.

It’s easy to transfer purchased songs. We can log into iTunes Store to download songs on new iPhone. However, how about those non-purchased songs? Due to copyright protection, Apple does not provide a method for users to transfer non-purchased items. Don’t worry, this how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone guide covers ways to transfer purchased and non purchased music.

You can also use the watch to make calls, send texts, and browse the internet via cellular connectivity. 

Set up Apple Pay

Apple Pay is accepted in stores, restaurants, taxis, vending machines, glossary stores, and many other places. Apple Pay is also available on iPhones.

To use Apple Pay on your smartwatch, you must add a credit card via the Apple Pay app on your iPhone. The process is pretty much the same as Galaxy Watch active 2. Double-click the side button on your watch to pay a bill. Hold the display near the contactless reader, and you’re done.

Before the Watch Series 3, you could only add 8 cards per device, but now you can add up to 12 cards per device.

Bottom Line

Although I’m a huge fan of the retina and crystal clear display on the Apple watch series 6, it is disappointing to learn that this watch only lasts 24 hours, just like the iPhone. Overall, its fitness tracking features are very impressive; you can track each activity in great detail. 

I also appreciate its accuracy and precision. In addition, GPS tracking is too accurate and allows you to track your running, jogging, cycling, etc. 

Garmin Vivoactive 3

The most durable Garmin wear is here for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. Garmin’s Vivoactive 3 is a midrange watch that comes with Garmin Pay and other amazing features.

With this watch, Garmin Pay is used for contactless payment, which is faster and more accurate than other brands. 

Both Android and iOS users can use Garmin pay. Garmin pay is simple to set up, you just need to add your credit card to make the feature work.

Vivoactive 3 has many powerful features that make this watch even more valuable. Garmin pay is available for both Android and iOS users. In addition, Garmin pay is too easy to set up, you just need to add your card to make it work.

Garmin Pay Setup

  • Go to the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone.
  • Select Garmin Device, and then select your device.
  • Choose Garmin Pay and then “Create Your Wallet”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to properly set up the feature.

You can add up to 10 cards to your Garmin pay account, which is cool, but you can only add cards that Garmin supports. You can check Garmin’s official website to see if your card is accepted.

Fitbit Sense

Fitness tracker bands made by Fitbit are known among athletes for their insane capabilities. Fitbit Sense has a brighter AMOLED display that will allow you to easily read the dial under direct sunlight.

Among the most advanced fitness and health tracking features is Stress tracking, EDA sensor, ECG app, Skin temperature, real-time heart rate monitoring, advanced sleep tracking, GPS, SpO2 sensor, and different sports modes.

Fitbit Sense has Fitbit Pay, which is safe and easy to use.  

Unfortunately, Fitbit Pay does not support all banks. You can check Fitpay’s support for your bank on Fitbit’s official site.

How to Setup Fitbit Pay on Sense?

  • Open the Fitbit app on your phone and make sure your watch is nearby.
  • Tap the corner of the watch picture
  • Select Fitbit Wallet, it will prompt you to set up your PIN (if you haven’t already).
  • It’s time to add a debit or credit card.

Fitbit pay allows you to add up to six cards. You might not see the Fitbit Sense Payment screen if you have not set up Fitbit Pay. 

With its long battery life, you can use it for at least 7 days without having to recharge.