What makes Gmail popular over the others?

Millions and millions of people worldwide take advantage of Gmail every day as their primary email account, and it’s easy to see why. Google makes it effortless to set up a brand-new Gmail account. Gmail is accessible for everyone, and it also has some unique features that help make it one of the most exoteric online email services.

In addition, to find the google voice number, it is necessary to sign in with a Gmail account on google for any device, which is not the case with any other email service. Below are the features of Gmail that have made it more widespread. 

Do more with a right-click:

An update rolled out in February lets the user do more with a right-click on a conversation thread as in a lot more. He needs to move emails across tabs, snooze an email, mute conversations, find messages from a specific sender, open emails in a new window, and do just about everything he could want to do from the primary Gmail view on the web. Read more about Homescapes Mod Apk

Drag the emails between tabs:

If the user has Gmail on the web set up with separate tabs or categories on screen, he could drag conversation threads between them to recategorize his messages. Even better, Gmail will then ask the user if he wants to conduct all emails in the same way in the future from the sender, saving his time.

Get Google’s Al to compose the user’s emails:

In 2018 Gmail rolled out Smart compose back and just recently upgraded it to appear on more devices and accommodate itself more to the way the user writes. If he wants to switch it on, go to Settings, ‘General’, tick the ‘Writing suggestions on’ box on the web, or pick ‘Settings’ then his email address, then Smart Compose on Android.

Send and request money:

The user can send and request money in his Gmail messages on the web. He needs to click the dollar symbol at the bottom of the compose window and enter the amount he wants to get or send. If he is sending money and has not already set up a payment method through Google Pay, he will prompt to do this to use as a source.

Set an expiry time:

Confidential mode rolled out for consumes previous year, letting the user limit message copying and downloading and adding an optional expiry time. The user needs to find it via the menu button on mobile or the padlock symbol on the web when composing an email. It works seamlessly inside Gmail, and other clients will link to his original email on the web.

Get notifications for certain emails:

The user does not necessarily have to get buried under a mountain of notifications from the Gmail mobile apps. He needs to go into the Gmail app settings on ios or Android, select his email address, and then choose notifications. He can set alerts to appear for high-priority emails only, and this works separately to settings the notification configured at the ios and the Android level.

Use Gmail offline:

The way offline Gmail works has changed over the years, but right now, the user can type to get at a cached version “mail.google.com” into a Chrome tab of his inbox even when there is no connectivity. He does have to enable the feature under the offline tab of Gmail’s setting on the web first, though he can choose how much email gets synced locally.

Mix up the user’s email stars:

The user does not have to settle for the standard yellow stars when highlighting emails because plenty more colours and symbols are available. He needs to go to General and Stars in the Gmail settings pane on the web to see what’s on offer. He can find stars with searches like “has:green-star” on the web, though all stars types get lumped together in the mobile apps.

Enable the preview pane:

By defaulting Gmail on the web shows the user a long list of his conversations, but if he prefers a more desktop client-style look to his inbox, he can enable a preview pane. He needs to click the arrow next to the ‘Toggle split pane mode’ icon, and he can view separate emails to the right or below the conversation list in his browser.

Gmailify the other email addresses:

The user needs to add another email address to Gmail via ‘Add an email account’ under ‘Accounts and Import’ in the online setting, and during the setup process, the user can opt to ‘Gmailify’ it. It gives him the same spam protection and auto-sorting for his other accounts as well as his Google one. It is available when linking accounts on Android and ios too.

Save the Google Drive:

If the user spends a lot of his life inside Google Drive and doesn’t want to clutter up his local computer with files, any attachment that shows up in his inbox can save to Drive with a tap or a click. The Drive icon appears on top of extensions when viewed on the web browser or inside the Android app.

Find by date:

The way is one of the oldest and most useful Gmail tricks, but a lot of people remain oblivious to it. This is a way to find messages by searching date by date.

Translate the emails:

Google Translate is built right into Gmail; if the user had not realized, he needs to open a message on the web browser, and if he does not see the translate bar, he needs to click the menu button and choose ‘Translate Messages’. Then he will be able to select the source language and then the language he wants the message translated.

Sync up the emails:

The Gmail apps will sync thirty days of all the emails to the user’s phone by default, but if he wants to save space or make more messages on his local device, he can change this.

Bookmark the emails:

If the user uses Gmail on the web a lot, he might want to think about bookmarking some of the most valuable URLs to get around his inbox faster. When he runs searches in his inbox and highlights specific labels, he can bookmark those URLs in his browser for easier access.

Give more time to bring back sent emails:

If the user is forever bringing back sent emails in Gmail, he can give himself a long time to recover his errors, although half a minute. On the settings pane for Gmail on the web browser, he can set the ‘undo send’ delay to between 5 to 30 seconds under the ‘General’ tab, and that changes apply then across the web and the mobile apps.

Change the look of Gmail:

Gmail has a theme option that lets the user drastically change the look of the email client in his browser. To change the theme, he needs to click the setting cog in the top right-hand corner then choose ‘Themes’ to pick something new.

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