How To Clean Your Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker

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By John Wick

Sometimes boredom drives you to clean your home and everything around you but you keep neglecting small things. If you own a smartwatch or fitness tracker You must have the idea that it is hard to keep it clean. According to a recent survey by an online site, a smartwatch can be 30 times dirtier than a toilet seat. As horrible as it sounds it makes sense as well. As these devices are designed to stay on our wrists all the time. We perform all kinds of actions wearing them. From exercising, sleeping to swimming They stay there all the time. With the outbreak of the Corona epidemic you might not be working out as you used to but these devices can still help you to keep you fit. In order to take advantage of this device, you should keep it clean and away from germs.

Why clean your smartwatch or fitness tracker?

The World Health Organization has been encouraging everyone to keep their surroundings clean Aaron sanitized to curb the spread of coronavirus. This can be done when you keep your tech products clean as well because in the lockdown people started depending on their devices more than they were in their normal routines.

Be it a cell phone or a wearable it should be kept clean as you take them everywhere and even take them to bed. As you touch them with your hands so it is important to clean them on a daily basis or whenever you will get back home from anywhere. You should also prevent your wearable from sweat, alcohol, makeup, perfume, sunscreen, and lotions, etc.

How to clean your smartwatch or fitness tracker safely

If you are a person who takes care of clean leanness then you would not need to buy anything special. It is likely that you will have all those products at your home already. In order to use any cleaning materials to clean your wherever you must check the manual or manufacturer website quickly if there are any exceptions. As some of the products can Invalidate the warranty of your variable. In order to clean it you should turn your watch off before cleaning.

Cleaning your smartwatch or fitness tracker screen

Here are some steps that can help you to clean your smartwatch or fitness tracker screen.

First, you have to wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth. It is always recommended that you keep washing the microfiber cloth periodically so that you do not smear around the same dirt. You can wash microfiber cloths with your hand Oregon Simply put them in the washing machine along with gentle detergent. But you should not use bleach or wash them with cotton as it can clog the pores. Some of the smartwatches or fitness tracker screens can be cleaned with water. Apple claims that if you notice dust or grime around the digital crown on your Apple Watch, you can place it under lightly running, warm, water from a tap for 10 to 15 seconds. It is because their products are water-resistant. One can also clean them with a small amount of rubbing alcohol, then rinse it with water. It is generally prohibited to use soap, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, or household cleaners on your safe screen unless the manufacturer says that this is OK. For example, Apple permits it and says that you can use a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe or antibacterial wipe on the exterior surfaces of your Apple Watch and on a sport band or metal band.

Cleaning a silicone smartwatch or fitness tracker strap

In case of a rubber strap, you can rinse it with water. You can use a soap-free cleanser on some stabs and skin scrub stains with a moist and soft toothbrush. But all of these things can only be done after checking the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cleaning a metal or leather smartwatch or fitness tracker strap

All leather or metal bands won’t be water-resistant. If you will soak it in water, this might tarnish it or cause other damage. You can wipe metal or leather bands with a slightly damp cloth. Some of the manufacturers state clearly that leather bands should not be worn During a vigorous activity and are only for casual wear. You have to keep all these things in mind and then choose a fitness track or a smartwatch for yourself. Cleaners are also not recommended as they could ruin any cosmetic finish.


All of the above-mentioned things should be kept in mind before buying a smartwatch. Cleaning it is an important part and you should always go for a fitness track or a smartwatch that can be cleaned properly with limited resources as well. The more formal will you choose the more difficult will it become for you to clean it using simple techniques.