How to Protect Your Teeth

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Learn how to keep your teeth and gums healthy while staying at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you are protecting yourself from the Coronavirus outbreak or are in self-isolation, this means that it is not yet possible to see a dentist. In this situation when you are waiting to see a dentist. We’ve come up with your dental and gum problems and ways to take care of them at home.

Explaining that oral hygiene is a top priority, Professor Damien Walmsley, a scientific adviser at the British Dental Association, says: ‘Getting rid of dental problems will save you more trouble in the future.

Toothaches and other dental issues are a result of a combination of crooked teeth and your food choices. This includes consuming too much sugar and not being able to brush your teeth properly or on a regular basis. Making changes to your diet or using a teeth-straightening tool like braces or EZ Smile aligners to correct and overcome these risk factors. He added: “Ensuring the health of your mouth and taking care of it improves your overall health.”

Here are some tips on How to Protect Your Teeth and gums healthy at home.

Get back on track

Follow the principle of brushing your teeth twice a day and use a small mouth brush to clean your teeth. Its purpose is to get rid of plaque bacteria that emit toxic substances and cause harm. A toothbrush smaller in size than a normal brush is designed to clean the space between your teeth where other brushes do not normally reach.

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Choose the best brush

Dr. Okoye suggests that an electric toothbrush can also be used as it is more effective in cleaning your teeth. However, Professor Walmsley recommends monitoring children under the age of seven when using an electric toothbrush.

Common mistakes when brushing

The common mistake people make when brushing in the morning is that they usually brush after breakfast, but according to Dr. Okoye, brushing before eating is more beneficial.

She said: ‘Brushing after breakfast is not the right time because the effects of eating food soften tooth enamel. And brushing at this time can weaken these enamels.

She advises that brushing at night is the most important thing because when you sleep it produces less saliva which is necessary to protect your teeth.

Keep your brush clean

Dr. Okay also recommends dipping the toothbrush in a mouthwash and disinfecting it regularly. Boiling water can be a good alternative if you have nothing.

Find the right toothpaste

According to Professor Walmsley: “The presence of fluoride in toothpaste is an important ingredient in preventing dental problems.” The use of good toothpaste will help prevent plaque formation, cavities and mouth germs and increase protection against allergies.

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Mouthwash is unnecessary

“Mouthwash is unnecessary unless you have been advised by a doctor, but don’t neglect to brush your teeth,” says Professor Walmsley. “If you want to use a mouthwash, don’t use it while brushing, otherwise you will lose the beneficial effects of fluoride in toothpaste,” he said.

Tooth whitening kits

If you want a healthy-looking smile without any expensive treatment then you can try related products in the market.

However, store-bought kits (or tooth creams) do not allow more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. The legal limit for its use by dentists is six percent. So the fact is that you will not see the same results at home that you can get sitting in the dentist’s chair.

However, if the acquisition of professional whitening is expensive for you, then the solutions available at home can bring some improvement. Whitening teeth often cause sensitivity and erosion, but good and standard toothpaste or cream helps to promote the regeneration of the enamel and prevent further damage.

Reduce sugar consumption

Staying at home means we are eating more than usual. But to keep your teeth white, try to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. “Increasing consumption of sugar in foods will reduce the protective wall of the teeth and can lead to other health problems, so it is important to reduce it,” said Professor Walmsley.

That’s all about How to Protect Your Teeth Stay in touch for more informative posts.