How to Combat Back Pain While Working from Home?

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By John Wick

Lockdown continues around the world in the wake of the global pandemic of coronavirus. Due to which offices are closed and people are working from home. Work from home is affecting mental health as well as physical health.

People who have been active for many years have been suffering from a variety of ailments during this lockdown, including depression and back pain.

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According to the report, cases of back pain increased among the employees who are working from home. In this regard, experts have suggested to take precautionary measures.

Where you are making a mistake?

There are many causes for back pain, the most common cause of back pain during work from home is the wrong way to sit, sitting in the same position for hours, lying down or leaning on the sofa.

sitting for long hours in wrong position cause back pain back pain problem occurs on sitting in wrong postion

According to medical experts, the following mistakes are causing back pain:

Unbalanced routine

Due to COVID-19 lockdown people confide to houses, routines have become unbalanced, everyone is spending too much time sitting or lying down, nerves and physical muscles are strained due to lack of walking and exercise.

Sitting in the wrong position for hours

At present most employees are working at home lying on the sofa or sitting or sitting on a hard seat. During work without keeping a positive distance from the laptop or computer by bending the neck or placing the laptop in the lap.

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Sitting in the same wrong position for several hours during working hours is also increasing the incidence of back pain.

Working in a very comfortable way

Experts say the only way to avoid this pain is to keep yourself active. Do regular exercise and yoga. if you also suffer from back pain, change your sitting position today.

Working in a very comfortable way

To avoid back pain, try to create an office-like environment at home. Instead of lying down, sit in a comfortable seat, and work with your laptop in front of you. Get up every 30 to 40 minutes and take a short walk. ۔

Sitting Postion to avoid back pain

When you have back pain, don’t forget to stretch your muscles.

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