How do I bypass Facebook Password with Two-Factor Authentication?

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Are you locked out of your Facebook account and can’t get in no matter what you’re trying? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Studies say that as much as 78 percent of Facebook users end up forgetting their passwords and go for a password reset. Facebook is a free social media platform with the largest user base amongst its competitors, like Instagram and Twitter.

However, it is quite common for users to lose their passwords when making a new account or changing the previous password. For this sole reason, Facebook has introduced a security process called ‘Two-factor authentication’ that requires two different factors from the users to verify themselves.

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This feature mainly avoids hacking into the account as it offers a higher level of security. Typically, the first factor is a password, and the second is a special login code. But the problem occurs when users forget their password, and it gets impossible to get through the two-factor authentication. This blog will discuss how you can bypass the Facebook passwords and what to do if Facebook’s two-factor authentication is not working.


The common case being where the user forgets the password and the Facebook two-factor authentication is not working. To fix this issue and log in back to your account, you can try the methods mentioned in this blog. You can bypass Facebook password by the following methods:

Method 1: Reset Facebook Account Password

The easiest way to bypass the two-factor authentication in case Facebook’s two-factor authentication not working is to reset the Facebook password altogether. To reset the password:

  • Open the Facebook login page and click on Forgot password under the columns for credentials
  • Enter your email address or your phone number – any of the two for Facebook to find your account
  • You can verify themselves through a security code – you can receive this security code either on your registered phone number or your registered email address; enter either one to verify yourself as the original owner of the account
  • If you choose the mobile number, Facebook will send a code; and if the email is your choice, Facebook will send a link to that email address
  • After you successfully verify yourself, the new password column appears; you will have to enter the new password and then put it again to confirm and click on Resent password
  • The password will then reset, and you are free to log in to their account with your new password

Method 2: Third-party Login

Another way to bypass Facebook’s password is to use a third party to log in to their account. Third-party login is when the user logs into Facebook through Google, for example. This Log In with Google option appears when you open the Facebook log. This enables the user to log in to their Facebook account through their Google account. It works best in cases where the user remembers the Google account password but not the Facebook password.

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Method 3: Facebook Security Codes

Another interesting Facebook feature is the security code. Upon setting your two-factor authentication, Facebook offers its users ten security codes. The purpose of these security codes is that the users can use them to log in and bypass the Facebook passwords. The only thing that the users have to take care of is that they do not lose these security codes.

Method 4: Through Recognized locations

In such a case, when Facebook two-factor authentication not working, users can gain access through a recognized location. Many a time, users have their Facebook logged in through multiple devices. Facebook recognized these devices through their locations. So users who have access to their account through a recognized location can bypass the two-factor authentication. Moreover, users can make necessary changes to the two-factor authentication once they log in to their account.


There are still a few things you can do when Facebook two-factor authentication not working. Such as:

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  • The code you receive through an SMS can take some time to reach; check your phone in a little while for the code or send it again and then check again; it can take up to 5 minutes
  • If your account is logged in onto other devices, check their notification as there may be an approval pending for this login
  • If you have recovery codes that Facebook generates for you initially, log in using them

After logging in:

  • Add an alternate number to your account for extra security
  • Consider adding a different authentication app to your account for secure login
  • Turn off the two-factor authentication by opening Security and Login settings on your Facebook Settings


The two-factor authentication has caused more chaos than expected as users are getting locked out of their accounts, and the two-factor authentication refuses to work. As frustrating as it sounds, users face big-time troubles while trying to log in. The 2FA requires a security code input that the user receives on their phone number or mail, but quite often, the email or the security code is never received. This seems to be the usual cause of the problem. This blog discusses ways users can log in to their account by bypassing the password altogether, as well as the things you can do if the 2FA isn’t working on Facebook. You can check our other blogs for more Facebook-related information.

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