Here’s how travel has changed post the pandemic!

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2020 truly proved to be a game-changer, isn’t it?

Life, as we know it, has changed and travel is no different. Probably one of the industries that got hit the most during this pandemic is travel and tourism. Statistics report that there has been a close to 95% decline in tourism overall around the world. Flights have been pretty much reduced to nothing other than air bubbles and special flights. But the worst is over, experts say.

Travel enthusiasts are awaiting a post-pandemic world where travel is still possible. But it might come with restrictions and new rules. Let’s take a look.

1. Travel insurance

Travel insurance existed even before the pandemic but not many people used it to their benefit. Except maybe people with pre-existing conditions.

But experts predict that post-pandemic, there shall be an increased interest in travel insurance. Especially travel insurance for COVID. Luckily, there are several online websites and companies that offer travel insurance for COVID. And travel insurance companies have come up with specific plans for regions, like this article says – the best travel insurance for US visitors.

This will become the new normal in travel.

2. Regulations

If TSA checks made you worried, prepare for more regulations and checks. Gone are the days where you could get in and get out of the airport in a jiffy.

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Experts are suggesting that there might be more regulations and checks during travel. Like body checks, health checks, separate lines, social distancing, and the like. All this is going to increase your time spent at airports. Bring it on, we say!

3. Pre-travel checks

Experts are suggesting that there might be pre-travel checks and even certifications required to travel to certain countries. For example, if you’re traveling to Europe from a COVID affected country, you might be required to get a No-COVID certificate from an authorized medical entity.

While this may not be a requirement for every country, we’re expecting it for at least some of the countries. It might totally depend on governments to decide which countries bring regulations but they are coming for sure.

If our guess is right, the USA and Europe might be the first to bring travel restrictions and pre-travel checks.

4. Mandatory quarantine

Just to be sure, you might have to go into self-quarantine every time you travel to a new country. Let’s say you are traveling to the USA from Europe. You might have to go into a seven-day quarantine just to be sure.

Right now, this rule exists for inter-state travel in countries like India. These rules are brought in by respective Governments to curb the spread of the pandemic. And they have been fairly successful as well.

But we might see more and more countries adapting thus rule so that they can put a lid on possible viral situations.

Some countries are expecting a self-quarantine of seven days but it can also go up to fourteen days in certain cases.

5. Age restrictions

Experts are also suggesting that you can expect some kind of travel restrictions for certain age brackets. Like, say, for example, travelers within the high-risk age group could be restricted from flying to certain high-risk areas or travel altogether.

So, as you can see travel is not going to be the same as before. 2020 has truly changed our world and travel is one that got affected the worst.

Travel enthusiasts all over the world are awaiting a vaccine or cure for the pandemic so that they can travel without worries. But that seems to be a distant possibility.

What’s probably more accurate and realistic, is a scenario where we have to live together with the pandemic, expecting it to hit us any day. But try and prolong that day as much as possible.

Travel is a high-risk thing to do as you’d be exposing yourself to a lot of infected areas. So it only makes sense to take precautionary methods to stay safe.

The travel industry is not going to die. Nope.

But it might evolve. To newer ways of working. Newer ways of functioning.

Let us hope that it all gets back to normal soon.

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