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By 1900, crows had disappeared from many parts of the eastern and mid-United States. In recent decades, they have expanded their range again, especially in the northeast, and have moved to areas of the south that were occupied by other species.

If you have wondered where do crows live? You should know that these generally live in open areas although they can also be found in wooded areas, their favorites to inhabit are the Tundras, open rivers, sea coasts, mountain forests, plains, deserts. Although these birds prefer these areas, they have also become accustomed to living in urban areas where they have adapted perfectly to the daily human presence, and in these areas they find much more food so they tend to reproduce more quickly.

They are birds that are kept in one place, so they are not considered to be migratory, only young crows tend to disperse in local areas. Generally, they approach animal slaughterhouses and farms in search of food. They are sedentary birds and whenever they choose a place to live they make sure they can get food that they can nest safely and where they can lay eggs. A lot of people are looking to find fertile raven eggs for sale UK because it is quite difficult to steal the eggs from their nests. These birds toil hard and fight whoever tries to touch the eggs on their nests.

Boreal and mountainous forests, coastal cliffs, tundra, and desert are the places where you can find these birds. It can live in a wide variety of habitats, from the tundra above the Arctic Circle to the desert areas of the southwest. It usually lives in areas with abundant forests. It can also live in grasslands with suitable places to make nests. Moreover, if you are into pet birds and fond of parrots then Parrot Species would be a great place to visit in order to learn more about the domestic parrots.

Of the birds known as perching or singing species, the common raven is the largest, being the size of a hawk. Their loud squawk frequently alerts the observer to the presence of a pair of crows flying nearby. It is an extraordinarily adaptable and intelligent bird – it lives as a scavenger and predator and can survive year-round in places as different as the hot desert or high arctic tundra. At one time it traveled great distances to the east, but now it is coming back.

Known as the common raven, the Corvus corax belongs to the corvid family (Corvidae). Some of his cousins ​​are magpies, crows, or nutcrackers, but none are as big as Raven is.

Eating behavior

They usually search for food in pairs. The two birds cooperate to make the prey come out. It looks for nests to eat the eggs or the small hatchlings that are in it. It is an opportunistic bird that takes advantage of temporary food sources. It feeds mainly on the ground. Sometimes it looks for carrion or visits garbage dumps. In northern Alaska, sighted in winter feeding in garbage dumps with artificial light.


Greenish, with olive-green or brownish spots. The female takes care of most or all of the incubation process, which lasts between 18 and 21 days. The male feeds the female during incubation. Furthermore, it is way too hard to find a perfect spot to find their eggs naturally from their nests. However, you can buy fertile raven eggs for sale UK from the internet.


Both parents bring food to the young, and the female takes care of them while they are young. Young leave the nest 5 to 6 weeks after hatching.


It feeds on a wide variety of insects, such as beetles and caterpillars, among others. It also eats rodents, lizards, frogs, eggs, and young of other birds. Generally eats carrion and garbage.


In the courtship display, the male glides, swoops, and circles in the air. The couple can plan high. When its members are perched, they make contact with the beaks and groom each other’s feathers. Makes nests on cliff ledges or in the crowns of tall trees. They recycle the same nest year after year – add material to the previous nest. Both parents help build the nest. The nest is a voluminous basket made of large sticks and small branches, with a deep groove in the center lined with grasses, strips of bark, moss, and animal hair

The corvid family and its origin

Ravens belong to the corvid family and a very interesting fact is that they emerged around 17 million years ago, in Australia and Oceania. Currently, there are 120 species distributed throughout the planet. Except in Antarctica, you can find them where you least imagine it.

These birds are omnivorous, like man, which means that they eat all kinds of food, animal or vegetable. They eat meat, but also nuts, grains, and other vegetables. This is probably due to its wide presence on the planet. Crows are considered the most intelligent birds in the world, even more so than owls and birds of prey. They are cunning and trickier than parrots. They can even use tools to search for food.

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