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Facebook Business Manager: Why You Should Use It

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By John Wick

Facebook Business Manager

The Business Manager is a centralized management system that allows you to collect, organize, manage and keep under control your and/or customers’ advertising accounts, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, assets, roles, the audiences, the tracking pixel, the resources and the adverts on Facebook, the payment methods and also the billing ones.

Not only that, because the Facebook Business Manager is a centralized platform that allows you to keep company and personal content separate, guarantees you security and offers you the opportunity to make the most of the advertising features of both Facebook and Instagram.

In short, the Business Manager is a sort of toolbox that you cannot give up. But specifically, why should I use the Business Manager?

Why should I use a Business Manager?

Often mistreated because it is considered complex and because at an early stage it presented annoying bugs, in reality, the Business Manager is a system that allows you to organize more effectively and safely all that concerns your management activities (paid or otherwise) on Facebook and on Instagram and also offers you other important opportunities.

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What are they? So why, in practice, is it convenient to use the Business Manager?

Here are the different reasons:

1. With the Business Manager, you manage and organize your marketing team

Are you a company and a marketing team takes care of the management of your social channels? In this case, the Business Manager is useful for organizing and entrusting the different management roles to each individual professional involved.

2. With the Business Manager, you manage multiple advertising accounts in an orderly manner

Are you a communication agency or a freelance professional?

Well, the Business Manager is an obligation for you because it will allow you to manage effectively and within this single container the different pages (Facebook and Instagram) and the different advertising accounts of your customers, without various confusions both in the management of the campaigns and both in content and in data analysis.

Order and organization are the winning keys of the Business Manager. 

3. With the Business Manager, you can rely on an external professional in security

If you are a company that has commissioned its communication to an external professional, the Business Manager allows you to entrust him with your Facebook page, your Instagram account, your advertising account and the various resources like Film Production Services Uae.

All this while continuing to maintain the exclusive ownership of everything that belongs to you.

4. With the Business Manager, you assign and manage roles

If you are a company or a communication agency and several people take care of managing the contents of your Fan Page and/or your Instagram account or managing your paid advertisements, the Business Manager is a particularly useful tool for assigning to each the different roles:

  • Administrator;
  • Editor;
  • Moderator;
  • Advertiser;
  • Analyst;
  • Job offers manager;

Organize them, manage them and keep them under control.

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5. With the Business Manager, maintain effective control of resources

Thanks to the centralized platform of the Business Manager you can maintain effective control over the resources you own, even when you assign specific roles and freedom of use to other people.

6. With the Business Manager, you can share

The Business Manager is the tool that allows you to share both your pages and your advertising accounts with other people, whether they are members of your team, professionals, and communication agencies.

All this guaranteeing your collaborators the right privacy and you the right control over the resources you own.

7. With the Business Manager, you can create Custom Audiences

If you have your own Business Manager, Facebook offers you the invaluable opportunity to create Custom Audiences to target your Facebook and Instagram campaigns in an even more targeted way.

These are audiences that you can create from different resources (customer files, website traffic, interaction with your Facebook page, with your app, with your Instagram account, etc.) and which have the important advantage to be (or at least so it should) in target with your promotional message.

8. With the Business Manager, you can re-marketing

Only if you have the Business Manager can you upload and use the Catalogs, i.e. the product and/or services cards you offer, and starting from these, you can plan your re-marketing or dynamic re-targeting strategies.

Business Manager: security, sharing, and organization

Security, privacy, sharing and organization: here are the four fundamental qualities of the Business Manager, to which you must add the precious opportunities to take advantage of Custom Audiences and Catalogs for your marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. In short, the reasons why you should use the Business Manager far outweigh the possible initial resistance.