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Instantly Uninstall these 9 Dangerous Android Apps

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9 Dangerous Android Apps

Japan’s security software company has warned Android users that if they are using these 9 applications, it is not a difficult task to spy on them.

Experts at Japan’s Cyber Security and Defense Company (Trend Micro) have identified a major flaw in Android’s 9 applications, advising users to quickly delete these applications from their mobiles.


Experts have revealed that the mobiles in which these 9 applications will have a virus attack on their phones and hackers can access the mobile easily. A recent report by Trend Micro warns Android users about dangerous mobile apps that can also cause dangerous viruses on the devices.

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The research has revealed that there are apps for optimizers, boosters, and utilities on the Google Play Store that, if installed on mobile, the companies or hackers will gain full control of the mobile via remote data.

According to the report, these mobile apps have been downloaded more than 4 lakh 7 thousand times so far, there are more than 3,000 viruses in these apps which are automatically downloaded to the mobile with installation and then your Control of the system also passes to the third party. The cybersecurity company sent a research report to Google which then removed the following 9 dangerous apps from the Google Play store.

9 Dangerous Android Apps identified by Trend Micro

  1. Shoot Clean
  2. Super Clean Lite
  3. Super Clean
  4. Quick Games
  5. Rocket Cleaner
  6. Rocket Cleaner Lite
  7. Speed Clean
  8. LinkWorldVPN
  9. H5 Gamebox