Chinese mobile companies ready to give Google Play Store a big shock

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Chines mobile companies are working to launch their own App Store

Chinese mobile companies are ready to challenge Google. Companies are working on their own Play Store.  According to news agency “writer,” The chines companies have begun working to end the monopoly of the Google Play Store. The companies have started working to increase their services. Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo are working together on a platform that will allow app developers that are outside of China to simultaneously upload their apps into the new “App Store” by these companies.

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These companies are grouped under the Global Developer Service Alliance (GDSA). Do you know that the Google Play store is ban in China so chines users download apps from the various app stores like Huawei and Oppo?  Google Play Store globally is a bigger issue for Huawei, which lost Google apps and services, including Play Store licenses, due to US sanctions last year.

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The Play Store, on the other hand, is Google’s main source of revenue, earning $ 8.8 billion worldwide last year, but now Chinese companies can give Google Play a big blow. China’s services are planned to be introduced in 9 regions including India, Indonesia, Russia, and Malaysia.

It is yet to be introduced in March, but may also be delayed due to the spread of the Coronavirus.