The Google Play Store option prevents children from showing inappropriate apps

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The Google Play Store option prevents children from showing inappropriate apps

With the increasing use of mobiles and the risk of being exposed to inappropriate children’s apps on the Google Play Store, the risk of each day is increasing. Protect children from this risk and by downloading inappropriate things from their Google Play store and spending money on waste.


The Google Play Store has an option called Parental Controls that lets you filter not only the download of apps but also the secret code when purchasing an app from the Google Play Store.


For this option, you open the Google Play Store on your smartphone, go to Settings and set the PIN code to enable parental control option. To enable parental control, open the Google Play Store, tap the menu bar at the top right.

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Then go to Settings and find the Parental Controls option, however, when you start to turn on Parental Control, you will need to set a PIN code so that your child cannot turn this option off again. Because of this option, Google will not restrict itself to games, movies or other apps, however, you must instruct yourself which app to show and which to not show.


The age range must be specified for each category separately on the Google Play Store to prevent any unnecessary content from being screened during child use. Similarly, when your child needs to install the app, especially the app’s feature, it will require a PIN code to avoid buying the app without its registration.