Easy Ways to Know if the Perfume is original or Fake

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Everyone loves to use perfume, no matter the weather, everyone loves to use perfume. However, most people are not very familiar with perfume and because of this, the scent of the most expensive perfume fades very quickly.

There are several ways you can determine if your perfume is original or fake. Below are the 5 easy ways to check if the perfume is original or fake.

1: Perfume color

Remember the color of perfume the color of the real perfume will be dull and not bright and flashy. While the fake perfume will contain many different ingredients which makes the color of the perfume look bright and dark.

2: Perfume bottle finishing

A bottle of fake perfume will never be smooth in finishing, its finishing will be uneven and the luster of the perfume will appear dim and the bottom of this bottle will also look strange. While the original perfume bottle is smooth in terms of design, the size of the nozzle will not be too large.

3: The serial number of the perfume bottle

The user cannot compare is the serial number of the bottle and the packing of perfume is the same before opening it. But before buying any perfume, make sure that the serial number on the box matches the serial number on the bottle or not. Because the serial number does not match, then immediately understand that the perfume is fake.

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4: Wrapping of the perfume box

The plastic wrapping on the box can also be of great help in determining whether the perfume is genuine or fake. Check the plastic wrapping on the box because if the folding of the wrapper is uneven or wider than 5 mm then your perfume is fake and fake.

Packing inside the box that the original paper in the original and branded perfume box is white in color and not gray in color, while the box also contains a cardboard box that is kept to prevent the bottle from breaking.

5: Perfume bottle cap

The perfume bottle cap should be balanced with the logo on the bottle and affixed to the center of the bottle or cap. Because if this logo is not in the center of the lid on the bottle, then the quality of the perfume will be questioned.

Visit the company’s website before purchasing perfume

Generally, people do not consider it necessary to visit the company’s website with satisfaction before buying perfume. One is to know the real price of the perfume and the other is to know the color of the perfume and the packaging of the company etc. while also getting to know the ingredients of the perfume. So before buying any perfume, be sure to visit its website.

Online Purchasing of Perfume 

The chances of fraud and deception with you in the online purchase of any product are high. Because this way you can neither see the perfume nor inspect its fragrance, never buy perfume online but go and buy the perfume yourself and check it thoroughly.