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Perfume is simple and simply means “with smoke” (Perfume Latin) The perfume was first used as a perfume wood and resin, often used in altars to help with this perfume. To control the unpleasant smell of burning meat. Most of us think of perfume and cents as something magical that is used only on special occasions. There is a profound difference between perfume and freshener, as well as the spray and deodorant you see on every two years. Giving someone a perfume in a gift, the joy, and happiness that comes from using it will not be seen in any other case, nor do we know from history that fragrance was made of the best ingredients so that important occasions are remembered. Be it, these fragrances also have a profound effect on our skin; don’t decide on any perfume with its scent, but rather on your diet. And affect lifestyle just like your skin.

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We have small hairs in the nose that play a vital role in our sense of smell, these hairs catch the scent and then transmit nerve cells, and the nerve cells carry these signals to the brain. The sense of smell is important and it makes sense of our emotions and emotions. It is difficult to say why we especially like the scent. Many things and things are involved in this personal choice.


Assessing your mood through perfume is also certainly true, but perfumes also affect your mood, using the right perfume at the right time can lead to significant changes in your mood and you Can spread a unique joy to the inside.
Chinese people say that the aroma of a chameli can give a dim atmosphere and open it at night and it should be sprayed in your bedroom at night, while the wedding day bedroom and bed must be decorated with lime flowers.

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When you choose cents, keep in mind what time you need to apply it? In cold weather, it is advisable to use cents while hot, dry and cold will make it more difficult to smell. In hot and humid weather. The aroma of the fragrance will increase, in milder climates, the use of a mild and long-lasting fragrance will be valid while in hot and dry days you need a sharp scent.
Is there any reason why you have different fragrances for different occasions? And not one fragrance suits your mood, but everyone likes you.
Before using any cents, be sure to use them for a while, remember that on some occasions it takes 10 to 15 minutes for the perfume to show its fragrance, so let its ingredients make sense of their presence.

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Do not try to perfume on many at a time so you will only be confused. Review the aroma of the perfume on only three at a time. This scent you can apply on the inner part of your arm is based on different fragrances. Don’t fret. For example, if you have a strong fragrance, do not apply talcum powder or any other fragrance deodorant, it takes 6 hours for the perfume to be stained, so if you have a bath with fragrant soap or oil. If so, the aroma of this soap or oil will affect the aroma of the perfume or cents on you.

Compatibility with mode

Choose the perfume on any given your mood and lifestyle, the light and refreshing scent is perfect for the morning while the heavy scent is good for the evening where you must apply the foam where sweat is excessive. , The inner part of the arm – on the inner part of your body, on the wrist, on the back, and on the ass.
But do not leave the perfume bottle open until its components are damaged, whether it is moisture, heat, cold air or mild weather, but always keep the perfume in a cool place to light the bottle. The perfume components can be divided into three main groups: any essential oil or oil separates, synthetic materials and natural ingredients obtained from animals.
Here we are explaining the classic way of extracting their fragrance from perfume ingredients.

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This is the simplest way by which any perfume can be extracted.


Extract the oil by squeezing and pressing the flowers.


Spread the fat on the surface of the glass and press the flower leaves and pour on the fat so that it is absorbed in the top cent.

Soak it softly

Glue and raisins are covered by alcohol which is heated and absorbed into the fume on its scent.


Ethiopia is also extracted through carbon dioxide, which is also a natural source. The aroma depends mostly on the amount of alcohol added to it, with the fume having about 20% fume and 80% alcohol.
In the UD toilet, the fume is low between 5 and 12% and the rest is alcohol and water. The UD clone also has the highest amount of water and the fume volume is the lowest, (between 2 and 6 percent).
Essential oils provide many of the ingredients used inside the fume but now they are increasing the number of artificial fragrances in the fume, the oil is found in flowers, fruits, wood, roots, poles, the value of some artificial fumes. Some artificial things are even better than they actually are.

The quality of the fume containing the original ingredients is very difficult to maintain, as the two crops are never the same. Delivery of the original ingredients is also limited and if this fragrance is an animal, it can be a threat to the breed. So it’s also good to use synthetic ingredients.

A few scent tips

Avoid spray perfume directly on jewelry, as well as silk and light fabrics. Do not mix fragrances together, soap, talcum powder or deodorant also use the same brand as the foam.
Instead of fusing on the fingers, use a straw.
If your skin is dry, use cinnamon or fume oils.
Keep old and empty bottles in drawers with a towel and underwear.
The best way to spread fragrance in the room is to spray lightly on the bulb as the bulb will warm up but the fume’s fragrance will spread.