Is the milk pure or adulterated? Easy ways to check

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Milk is a complete food, in which nature has placed all the necessities that are essential for the health of a human being. The milk that the majority of our country consumes reaches us through open milk cows. Open milk made from a mixture of water and chemicals is extremely dangerous to human health, especially for children.

Is the milk pure or adulterated?

You take a drop of milk through a dropper and drop it down a pillar in the house which is made of marble. If the milk is pure, the drop will not flow immediately.

It is important to heat the milk immediately to check the quality of the milk bought from the market or to keep it safe for a long time. The purity of milk can be easily gauged from the cream that condenses on it after heating. If the remaining cream feels oily, it means the milk is pure, if it feels dry, it is adulterated milk.

Here we are also offering a scientific method for your convenience through which you can easily detect adulteration in milk at home.

The scientific way to check milk

In this method, the presence of hydrogen peroxide is known. Put a little milk in a test tube and then add a few drops of a substance called paraphenylene diamine to the milk and shake it well. If the milk turns blue, it means that there is hydrogen peroxide in the milk and the milk is not pure.

You will also need to buy a test tube and paraphenylene diamine from a medical store for this procedure.

How to check with lemon juice

After heating the milk, squeeze the juice of half a lemon in it, then stir the spoon in the pot on the stove. If this milk turns into good yogurt, it means that the milk is pure, if it becomes a jelly-like substance. This means that the milk is not pure.