If you want to lose weight, avoid doing this after eating

As we age, our physical metabolism (the combination of chemical reactions in the body) begins to slow down. Slowing down the metabolism also slows down the use of energy and thus begins to accumulate fat in the body, which is very difficult to get rid of.

In that case, we need to change our eating habits. Stephen Louie, an Australian nutritionist, has come up with some very useful tips that can help you lose weight easily at any age.

According to the international media, Stephen Louie says that if you keep a gap of at least five hours between two meals, your body naturally starts melting the excess fat. When there is a shorter interval between stores, excess fat accumulates in the body.

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If you eat light foods like fruits, chocolate, biscuits, and snack between meals, your body uses the energy contained in them and does not melt the fat that accumulates in the body, so eat two foods to lose weight. Don’t eat anything for at least five hours.

For better results, make sure you exercise in the morning and before breakfast.

This will not only speed up your metabolism but will also make you feel better as soon as you wake up in the morning. If you don’t want to do strenuous exercise, you can speed up your metabolism by just walking for half an hour.

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