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Does the Coronavirus End With Home Remedies?

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The life-threatening novel Coronavirus, which spreads from the Chinese city of Wuhan, has alarmed the world, in countries where virus-infected patients have been confirmed that there is a variety of conditions related to corona, the same situation in Pakistan.

Medical experts cited all the important factors, including the cause of the novel virus, while rejecting the false news about the spread and treatment of Corona. Experts say the Coronavirus transmits from humans to humans while it does not transmit from animals to humans.

How does the virus spread?

Experts say that since the virus is not transmitted from animals to humans, eating halal meat will not affect anyone, though it is important to cook the meat well so that no other infection can affect you.

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The disease does not spread from pets, cows, and goats because it is a viral infection, so antibiotics do not affect the disease, 98% of the affected people are automatically cured.

Treatment of Coronavirus

According to experts no treatment for the virus has yet been discovered if you’ve heard of virus-prevention tips, such as use of mouthwash, eating garlic, drinking more water or using lemons, etc. All of these have yet to be confirmed. Whether the person is protected from the virus after using the above-mentioned items.

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Medical experts say there are two best ways to protect yourself from coronavirus, one is to keep your hands clean and the least touch your eye and mouth.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Symptoms of the virus can appear in 12 to 14 days, doctors advised not to be disturbed by the virus and do not panic as every possible step is being taken to prevent coronavirus in Pakistan.

Two cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in Pakistan, one is undergoing treatment at Aga Khan Hospital Karachi and the other in Pirzama Islamabad. has been done. Isolation wards have been set up in three government hospitals and a private hospital in this regard and the screening process at all airports has been tightened.