China’s Duck Army is Coming to Pakistan to fight with Locusts

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China’s ‘Duck Army’ will come to Pakistan to tackle locusts

To fight with Locusts China has decided to give Pakistan millions of ducks’ nicknamed ‘Duck Army’.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, an experimental plan to eradicate locusts with the help of ducks will be launched in Xinjiang province in the coming days.

According to the report, China has decided to send one lac ducks to Pakistan to deal with the locusts. Agricultural experts say that locust is the favorite food of ducks and that a duck eats more than 200 locusts daily.

The report said that eliminating locusts through ducks would be more effective than medicine.

Millions of locust have devastated East Asia, including South Asia, Arab countries. Pakistan declared a state of emergency in the wake of a locust attack earlier this month, calling it the worst attack in two decades.

Chinese officials say a team of experts will visit Pakistan this week and have formulated a strategy to eliminate locust.

“Ducks are a biological weapon for the elimination of the locust,” says Lulzhi, a researcher from Xi Jinping Agricultural Academy. The chickens eat 70 locusts a day, while the ducks’ feed is three times higher than them. The Ducks like to live together, it’s also easier to handle them.

He said an experimental plan to eradicate the locust with the help of ducks in the Xinjiang province of China will be launched soon, after which the ducks will be sent to areas of Pakistan that have been affected by locust attacks.

It should be remembered that in 2000, China sent 30,000 ducks to Xinjiang from Zhejiang province, who had cleared the area within a few days.