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I chose to trek once more, and this time decided to do it solo. After taking a gander at a lot of trekking alternatives in South India, I focused on the Tadiandamol slopes in the Coorg locale.

About Tadiandamol Trek-

Tadiandamol additionally spelled Tadiandamol is the tallest top in the Kodagu or Coorg locale in Karnataka. The trouble level of Tadiandamol trek is sorted as ‘moderate,’ and it very well may be done as an end of the week trek beginning from Bangalore. I had perused online that it is conceivable to camp at the pinnacle or the base of the slope. In this way, I had gotten a tent and tangle for lease and conveyed them alongside me.

The closest town for this trek is Virajpet in the Coorg locale. I boarded a KSRTC Volvo transport to Virajpet, beginning from the Shanti Nagar transport end on a Friday evening. The excursion was uneventful, and I was at Virajpet at 4.30 am on Saturday. The complete trek separation single direction is 8 km and should be possible in 4-5 hours. Since it was very promptly in the day, and I would not like to wind up arriving at the pinnacle directly around early afternoon, I chose to visit Talacauvery – the origin of the stream Cauvery. You can see the full itinerary here!

Things To know-

Before long, I arrived at the private transport station in Virajpet, just around a 5 minutes stroll from the primary transport stand. From here, transports are setting off to a town called Napoklu – which is mid-path among Virajpet and Talacauvery. The primary carrier for the day begins at 6.50 am, and I was soon on this transport advancing towards Talacauvery. Around 40 minutes into the excursion, the traffic crossed the Aramane stop, where I would need to land later in the day to begin my trek towards Tadiandamol. I gave careful consideration to this bus station.

The conductor dropped me at an intersection called Nelaji from where he said the transport to Bhagamandala would land in a short time. Bhagamandala is a little sanctuary town at the base of the Talacauvery slopes, and it is anything but difficult to discover transportation to Talacauvery from this town. Consistent with his words, the following transport was on schedule, and I was dropped at the Bhagamandala transport stand. Here, I asked around and contracted an auto-rickshaw to take me to Talacauvery and take me back to Bhagamandala, too (costs Rs.250).

Activities in Tadiandamol

In the blistering morning sun, Talacauvery still looked beautiful. After generally visiting the holy places of the stream goddess and Shiva at the sanctuary, I sat on a recreation center seat there and took in the great perspectives on the valley underneath. Having put in almost no time there, I returned to Bhagamandala in a similar auto-rickshaw and prepared for my onward journey. The time was around 11 am, and I was eager. In this way, I ate up two or three dosas in the close-by lodging and got several water bottles for my trek. Before long, I boarded a transport back to Napoklu and got dropped off right now. A hold up of an additional 10 minutes and I got the traffic moving towards Virajpet and got down at the Aramane (castle) transport prevent from where the trek was to start.


The underlying 4 km of this trek is a stroll on a surfaced street – even though it step by step continues picking up elevation. Vehicles propped up all over. In about 60 minutes, I arrived at a viewpoint from where the real trek on a mud way begins. It is here that the vehicles must be left. The street isn’t very much laid, and autos with low ground freedom may be stopped around a km before arriving at this viewpoint.

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I began strolling along the mud way and, in around 15 minutes, happened upon a timberland checkpost. The gatekeeper gave me a stun when he said that outdoors on the pinnacle or at the base isn’t allowed, and I would need to leave my tent, hiking bed and tangle directly at the timberland watchman’s quarters. I didn’t anticipate this. The time was around 2 pm, and this implied I would have exceptionally less sunlight left to trek up and make it back to this checkpoint. With no other alternative, I dropped my outdoor hardware at the check post and continued further.


The delicate inclines before long offer path to a more extreme rough territory, and strolling persistently got laborious. Additionally, the way that I had put some distance between trekking for some time didn’t help things apiece. By the way, a gathering of adolescents was trekking along and was inactively going with me, and now and then reassuring me to make it to the top (because of them).

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Around a large portion of a-kilometer before arriving at the top, I ran over a little shola timberland, which was the most burdening of the entire stretch to cross. The long and twisting foundations of the trees befuddled the climbing way and went about as steps on which one needs to move to push ahead. Each progression is very steep, and your shoe grasp could be tricky on these roots. This is one segment that requires a cautious route both while moving, just as when descending. It was 5.30 pm when I arrived at the pinnacle, huffing and gasping from the start. The pinnacle appeared to be lastingly encompassed by fog, and an Indian banner had been planted right at the top.

On a brighter day, the perspective on the valley around would have been stupendous. In any case, I wasn’t whining. The overcast spread and the fog was an inviting reprieve from the sweltering April sun and helped me recoup a portion of my burned through effort. I went through around 30 minutes here clicking photos, and unwinding before beginning my plunge.

Nearby Places To Visit

  • Kabbe Hills
  • Karada
  • Chelavara Falls
  • Igguthappa Temple
  • Nalknad Palace


The drop was considered all the more exhausting on my feet and knees, yet I continued strolling. Before long, I got my gear from the watchman’s quarters and arrived at the perspective from where the mud way had begun. It just so happens, there was a homestay now, and the manager permitted me to set up my shelter on their ground. Likewise, I found workable pace offices and got served to hot steam supper with chicken. The material solaces helped me recuperate well, and I before long rested off into a profound rest cased in my hiking bed inside the tent.


It ought to be referenced here that the viewpoint before this homestay is a significant sight both at night and in the early hours of the day. The lights from the towns of Madikeri, Kushal Nagar, and Virajpet are on the whole unmistakable starting here around evening time, and it is a serious display. So also, promptly toward the beginning of the day, the entire valley is breathtakingly canvassed in layers of fog, which gives an ethereal vibe to it.

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The following morning, I began strolling down and arrived at the Aramane or royal residence. This is the Nalknad Royal residence, which is only a fort worked by the lord of Coorg – Chikka Veerarajendra to escape from the assault of the English. The royal residence is kept up by the legislature and has a manager who could show me around. The multi-year old structure needs better upkeep.

However, it was definitely justified even despite a short visit no time; I advanced back to the primary street and returned transport to Virajpet. Nourishment alternatives around the Virajpet transport stand are inadequate, and I must be content with an inexpensive food joint. The KSRTC Volvo to Bangalore was postponed by 60 minutes. However, I was soon on the transport on the last leg of my excursion that would before the long end in Bangalore.

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