Zartaj Gul’s hilarious statement went viral on social media

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Due to giving wrong information about Corona Federal Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul is being criticized on social media. The Federal Minister also clarified his own statement.

Speaking on a show on a state-run TV channel, Zartaj Gul said, “COVID 19 means it has 19 points that can harm any country in any way. Now it’s up to them how to build immunity. ”

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Social media users are surprised by her irresponsible statement on COVID-19.  Zartaj Gul had to explain her own statement after being criticized by Twitter users. In an explanatory message, Zartaj Gul wrote that she talks for hours on TV every day without a slip.

Explaining her statement, she wrote that she wanted to say that the impact and severity of the Corona epidemic varies from country to country.