What should I Do if My Refrigerator Is too Hot to Touch?

ty that you know the functioning mechanism of the fridge to effectively use the appliance. Many a time, you may notice your refrigerator getting unusually warm and hot on the outer side. This phenomenon is completely normal, but if it tends to happen very frequently, then there is a problem. It also happens in high-quality fridges like LG, Godrej, and Samsung double door fridges. samsung double door fridge

Knowing what to do to maintain your fridge in a better and well-working condition will help you maintain your refrigerator in a better way. This article contains all the necessary information on the things you should do if your refrigerator is too hot to touch. Keep reading to know more.

Why is your fridge too hot to touch?

A continuously performing refrigerator tends to be a little hot than the fridge that works barely. During hot and humid seasons, the refrigerators work in a higher capacity to keep the contents inside it cool, so that can also be an ideal reason for your fridge to be hot. But this hotness of your refrigerator should last for only a few minutes, and if you notice your fridge to be hot for more duration, then these might be the reason.

Condenser Tube problem

The condenser is a very important part of the fridge. It is present in all refrigerators, from samsung double door fridge to the most basic single door fridge. The sole function of the condenser tube is to regulate the temperature of the fridge in an effective manner. Usually, this tube tends to be warm in nature. But when it gets dirty or has any problem in operation, your fridge tends to get more hot than normal.

The problem in condenser coils

Condenser coils work as an essential accessory present in the cooling fan of your fridge, and it regulates the temperature in a proper way. Even after you turn the cooling switch off, this coil functions to maintain the balance in the working of your refrigerator. If these condenser coils are not cleaned and maintained for a long run, then you might experience heating in your fridge. Using the manual given with the Samsung double door fridge you can clean these condensers coil yourself.

Electric Heaters working for a long time

Older models of fridges contain electric heaters to keep the food and content of the fridge away from bacteria and moisture. The continuous operation of such heaters tends to warm up the fridge. This will result in the hotness of your refrigerator. To avoid this effect, you can buy a new model Samsung double door fridge which is very cost-effective and best in performance. By doing this, you can also efficiently save energy and power.

What should I do if my refrigerator is too hot to touch?

If your fridge is still too hot to touch, you can practice the below-mentioned step to cool it down in an effective manner.

  • Check whether the auto defrosts system of your fridge is still in the proper working condition.
  • Have a look at the fan motor of the cooling system, as it might be off for a while.
  • Check whether the door of your Samsung double door fridge is closed properly.
  • If the hotness is still continuous, you can unplug and defrost your fridge and try to make it function again.

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