Want to shop for the perfect beverage fridge or a built in wine cooler?

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There are a number of varieties of beverage fridge available in the market and online stores. Each of them has their unique features and capacities to hold bottles of beverages. However, if you want to invest in a good cooler, you have to consider some factors. You do not want your wine and other beverages to be spoilt due to humidity or excess cold weather. Here are some factors you need to consider before you buy a new beverage or wine cooler for your house.

  1. Capacity: The space and capacity of the wine and beverage cooler is extremely crucial when you purchase one. You have to make a list of your beverage and wine collection so that you can decide how big or spacious the cooler has to be. You also need to look for the future, if you would be buying or making wine in the future. It is best to keep some extra space always since you do not want to invest in an expensive cooler in three to five years again. Most coolers can store up to 260 bottles. Hence, go for the one, that has maximum storage for any anticipated purchases. Know more about the various coolers, visit this website;
  2. Temperature: Temperatures of the built in beverage fridge is key to its storage and maintenance. Coolers come in single temperature zones as well as dual ones. However, choosing the dual temperature control will be better for people who plan on storing different kinds of beverages. The wine especially, both re as well as wine need different temperatures to remain fresh and aromatic. Ideal temperatures for storing beverages are between 56 to 59 Fahrenheit. For white wines, temperatures below 56 are ideal, whereas for red anything above 59 is perfect.
  3. Location of the fridge: Before you purchase the cooler, you have to decide on a place where the built-in wine cooler will sit. You want your cooler to merge with the existing décor of your house. You can either place it in the kitchen or the utility areas depending on the space available and the size of the cooler. The piece you will choose should not be too noisy and disturbing. A thermoelectric cooler can be placed in the kitchen or the dining area, as it will add to the aesthetics. However, if you decide to keep it in the utility area, then you have to be aware of the temperature fluctuations that can occur, and go for a stronger compressor accordingly.
  4. Design: the design of the cooler depends entirely on your likes and dislikes. Some like it to have a hinged glass door while some like it to be hidden behind frosted glass, wood, or steel.
  5. Number of racks: The racking options that the cooler provides are crucial. They come in plastic, chrome-plated, and also wood. The racks are designed in a way that the wine is preserved well and kept fresh.