The different categories of influencers on Instagram

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By Kaleem Ullah

Nowadays, influence has become a very powerful marketing tool, but also sometimes a somewhat vague concept for some. Many even still wonder about the effectiveness of influencer campaigns, while others simply don’t know how to go about it. In order to give you the keys to carry out your influencer activations on Instagram, we invite you to discover through this article the different categories of influencers. Thus, you will be able to find the personalities who will best represent your brand, and meet your goals on Instagram.

Who are the influencers on Instagram?

Basically, they are individuals who have become public figures thanks to social networks, and in particular to Instagram. They are also called “content creators”. Indeed, for some, creating content on Instagram has become a profession. These content creators must be creative in responding to briefs given by brands that wish to “activate” them, that is to say, set up an influencer campaign with them on Instagram. Let’s see together what are the categories of influencers on Instagram.

Instagram profiles 


These are all those who were already present at the beginning of influence and who wrote articles in order to share their passion on the internet. We then found a lot of blogs around subjects such as fashion, cooking, or travel. So inevitably when Instagram was created in 2010, bloggers took the opportunity to diversify their types of content and became influencers.


When Instagram was created, bloggers were not the only ones to flock to this network! Everyone who took to the Instagram platform first started sharing photos on a regular basis. With Instagram’s peak growth and algorithm optimization, they saw their number of subscribers increase dramatically until they too became influencers.


Another category of influential people on Instagram are personalities who have participated in reality TV shows. These individuals were generally quickly faced with an explosion in their visibility and notoriety. When they leave the program, they very quickly reach one million subscribers if not more. However, there is still a slight difference between these influencers and the ones we saw above. Indeed, reality TV candidates are more often contacted for what is called product placement. Here, we are less sure of the creation of content requiring creative research and the use of new Instagram tools.


A lot of artists have succeeded in breaking into Instagram and highlighting their work thanks to this network. Whether in music, cinema, painting, or modeling. These personalities are now in the media and have a great influence on Instagram users, especially their followers. They have what we can call the role of “prescribers”.

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Among these different profiles, women and men, each with different specialties and areas of predilection. The more an influencer is recognized and specialized in a certain area, the more impact your influencer campaign will have if you reach out to their community. For example, if you are a ready-to-wear brand, promote actions with fashion influencers. The same goes for beauty, decoration, cooking, health, ecology, etc.


These are often common folks like you and me who have found their way to fame using their quirky and weird antics, which people seem to like. People with this type of profile often require more work than others to stay relevant and to keep their Instagram game on point. More often than not you will see them posting funny pics and videos of them, interacting with their followers on your Instagram live, or even posting games and challenges like 24 motives 24 names. If they are not creating new challenges and games then, they are certainly taking part in those which are trending.