Ways to Protect Your Business

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By Admin Desk

Whether you are running a business or putting on a one-time event, it’s best to have a dedicated security plan in place before something happens. There are several security options depending on the types of things that are most likely to go wrong or get stolen.

Security Guard

If you operate a business in an area with a low crime rate, then you can probably make do with an unarmed security guard who provides general protection for the inside and outside of your business. These guards act as people movers and as a deterrent to theft. They provide extra backup in case of unruly customers or a medical emergency.

If your business operates in high-dollar items like jewelry or electronics, you might want to consider procuring security guard services to have an armed security guard deployed to you. Again, this individual would mostly be a deterrent against theft, but he or she would be legally authorized to use force in a high-stakes situation such as an armed robbery. Generally, this type of security guard tends to be off-duty police officers. Another instance where this type of guard is recommended is an event with high-profile attendees.

Security System

Security systems also work as a theft preventative. Conspicuously placed cameras (visible to everyone in the area) do most of the work. With a camera system, one person can watch several areas of the business at the same time and notify the floor manager or local law enforcement if anything looks suspicious. Because cameras can be set to record, it’s also possible to review tapes immediately after something questionable occurs to help determine whether more action should be taken or if an event was initially misinterpreted. Of course, well-placed signs advertising your state-of-the-art system keeps sticky fingers away from the building at night.

Not every event or business needs the same kind of security measures, but it is wise to have something in place from the get-go. How much depends on several mitigating circumstances.