Things to Consider Before Buying Phone Insurance

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By John Wick

Although most of the mobile companies offer a mobile warranty that in case of any mechanical or software defect they will fix your device free of cost. These manufacturer warranties don’t do more regarding mobile breakage, loss, or theft. Here phone insurance steps forward to help its customers. You have to spend many dollars to replace or buy a new phone if you accidentally smash it or it gets theft. After buying phone insurance it will be easy for you to claim your lost or broken device. Before buying phone insurance you should know on which areas phone insurance policy works:

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  • Lost
  • Theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Cracked screens
  • Accessories
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Broken button
  • Water damage
  • Battery replacement

Besides these areas you should keep in mind that below following are the exclusions where phone insurance policy will not take responsibility to claim your cell phone:

  • Second-hand phone
  • You lost your phone just because of carelessness i.e. shopping mall
  • Delaying in the time of claiming
  • Damage from your carelessness
  • Policy holds must be under the age of 18
  • Lost data, like any office document, photos, etc.

You can opt for phone insurance either through phone retailor or by comparing mobile insurance policies. You should be clear and think wisely before buying your phone insurance. You should consider the condition, worth of your device that if it is a cheap one and paying you phone insurance throughout the year cost much than there is no need to register yourself for insurance.

Now taking on serious notes the four most important things that you should consider before buying phone insurance are:

How much do phone insurance costs?

Before making your mind about phone repair insurance you should carefully read the instructions and calculate the estimated value you have to pay the whole year. You should keep in mind that your deductible should not be more than the price of the purchased phone.


Major carriers cost for insurance as follows:



Insurance cost $


$25 to $299


$10 to $249


$49 to $249


$50 to $275

US cellular

$50 to $175

Third-party phone insurance costs:

Square trade: According to the square trade insurance policy it costs $70 per phone for its 1-year plan and for its two-year plan it cost $139 per phone. They are giving insurance on dropping, spilling, and faulty phones. They are giving insurance on any phone without bothering the age of the phone.

Geek squad: Geek squad is offering protection plans to its users with a cost of $8.99 per month. There are two types of insurances provided by them with a difference of some money. With $8.99 your phone is protected against accidental damage, battery replacements, and other mechanical issues. On paying $10.99 you are given protection against lost and broken phones.

Thus after reviewing the deductibles of some famous carriers and third party insurance plans it is 0concluded that the amount of deductible depends on the cost of your phone. So don’t shy to do some calculations about monthly phone insurance costs.

Already protected?

Before stepping forward for phone insurance sign up you should verify the details whether your phone is protected under:

  • Homeowner insurance
  • Bank insurance

Talking about homeowner insurance only valid if you lost your phone as a result of a fire on burglary but smashing or losing your phone just because of your carelessness will not help you in this case. Also, some banks deliver mobile in up to 14 days, if the absence of your mobile makes you sick than buy insurance for your phone.

Coverage areas:

Buying insurance doesn’t mean that now you are a safer side. There are some specifications where insurance does not work. Many insurance parties do not hold for malfunctions or water damages and most of the American generation complain that they barely lose their phone or get theft so in this case buying insurance is useless.

Are you aware of the claim procedure?

Before buying insurance of your phone you should have complete knowledge of the claim process. You should aware of the answer to these following questions:

  • How do I file a claim on my protected device?
  • How many days I have to file a claim?
  • What replacement will I get?
  • Where I have to take my phone to file the claim etc.

Bottom line:

It’s wise to consider thoroughly before buying your phone insurance but it is better to keep your mobile under a safe case and avoid it to take on risky areas to save your money. Before buying insurance of your phone you should have complete knowledge of the claim process.