3 Must-have Bathtub Accessories can grow your customer base!

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By John Wick

Some people say that taking a bath is not just for getting clean. For achieving the purpose of solely cleaning, showers are there. Bathrooms are much more. Baths serve many other very necessary purposes, such as calming one’s troubled mind, soothing pains, and aches. whether mental, emotional, or physical. The purpose of saying this is not to imply that baths are not cleaning. But the thing is that removing merely the bodily dirty isn’t the sole goal of a bath, rather they remove the emotional dirt too that has accumulated over you on a long-stretched day.

Bathing is not just cleaning!

Bathing time is when many new dreams are knitted, and this is regardless of whether you ever get to the mission of making those dreams come to life or not. Not only the dreams but also all those imaginary conversations that you regret to never have had ignited with people who you care for, take place. Such retaliatory answers are thought which you longed to give to someone you argued with during the day but never gave due to either not remembering them at the moment or due to timidity.

What Else?

The pitch of voice, dialogue delivery is practiced. In bath-time, that new language you have just started learning online and which you have started to be good at but not good enough to speak in front of people is practiced with such boldness, clarity, and fluency that you begin to doubt yourself for a moment.

Bath Tub Accessories

These beautiful moments take place during the bath, but it is only when your session of soaking in water is comfortable enough. Here we have compiled a shortlist of 3 bathtub accessories for adults that are enough to light up your bath sessions.

Spa Bath Pillows

Spa bath pillows can significantly increase the quality of your bath time. They have suction cups on them so as to fix them on the wall of your bathtub. Now you can easily lay back, close your eyes, and relax. Unlike other bathtub cushions and pillows, spa pillows are at least 4 inches thick, which provide an extraordinary cushioning effect. There is a warning, though. It might be too comfortable that there is a chance of you dozing off. So even though you close your eyes, keep your senses alert!

Material specs:

These also come in breathable material quality, which means that the material that is used for making them is breathable that allows airflow through it. Due to this, they dry really quickly and do not get soggy. One surely does not want to rest their head back only to find the found surface already wet, soggy, and fetid.

Bath kneelers for Babies and Cleaning the Bathtub

Giving a bath to your little ones can be quite hectic because it involves you sitting in a kneeling position. That is extremely tiring—sitting in this position for longer periods of time in result in not-so-comfortable bruised knees. For avoiding this, a bath kneeler is an excellent choice. It cannot only be used when you are giving a bath to your little ones but also when you are cleaning the bathtub. Its foam pads protect your knees from directly touching the cold hard bathroom floor.

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Elbow Rests

While bathing your baby, not only your knees come in direct contact with the hard bathroom floor. But your elbows or at least one of them also faces the same treatment. You have to constantly lean over the bathtub to wash your baby, and while doing this. All of your body weight and pressure is exerted upon your poor elbow. In this way, elbows can also get bruised. With a bath kneeler and an elbow rest pad, the immense difficulty of washing. Your baby can be greatly and easily minimized.

Note that:

Always make sure to buy such a bath kneeling pad that has thick padding of at least 1.3 inches. The width of the bath elbow rest also matters a lot. An ideal elbow rest pad should be a minimum of 20 inches wide. Many bath kneeling pads come. With mesh pockets as well so as to contain shampoos, soaps, baby toys, etc. so as to make it even easier for you and your children.

The Last Word

Last but not the least, these safety measures are important for the mothers as much as the safety of their babies is. Through these accessories the experience of giving the apple of your eye, a bubbly bath becomes more comfortable and enjoyable. This reflects in your mood all day, and this way, your baby can feel more protected and pampered.