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Choosing Amenities for Your Multi-Family Rental Property

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You understand that being an apartment landlord is a great way to earn money. Many people rent instead of owning and your multi-family property will make a great home for future tenants. You know the basic requirements that your property must fulfill, but it’s time to consider the amenities that will attract renters and make them call your property “home.” Expect to get a good Hanoi property rental, if you have these amenities on your property.


A home should be a safe space for its dwellers. Basics such as lockable doors and windows are a given, but think carefully about what additional security features potential tenants will look for. In addition to controlled access gates, the presence of a security guard for 24 hours is also a worthwhile consideration to give renters peace of mind. Consult a provider of protective services Boston MA to explore your options.

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Fitness Center

While a fitness center may not be a must-have like security, a lot of tenants do like having the option of a workout facility. Serious gym buffs are likely to have memberships at elite, well-appointed health clubs, but your average tenant will appreciate not having to spend extra money on a gym membership. Consider the location of your property and the rental price points. Are your tenants likely to have use for a fitness center? If so, a couple of cardio machines and a few weight machines will probably suffice.

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Swimming Pool

Swimming pools not only add to the beauty of your property, they’re a great place for residents to hang out and entertain during the warmer months. Pools can be a great way for neighbors to meet and get to know each other, especially around planned events for the apartment complex. Count the costs for having one or more pools and be sure to include costs for maintenance, upkeep, and safety.

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As a potential landlord, you want your property to be attractive to renters. Amenities add to the quality of living and can help differentiate your properties from that of competitors. Careful planning and research should be done to make sure you’re investing in worthwhile features and not just throwing money away.