4 Tips for Choosing a Competition Holster

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Whether you are a serious, regular competitor or you are entering a gun competition to practice with your weapon, you should have one or more competition holsters. These holsters may differ from concealed carry holsters in that you are not trying to conceal your weapon.


Safety should be your number-one priority in purchasing any holster. A safe holster holds your weapon securely and keeps it stable. A good holster will fit your weapon exactly so nothing else can fit into the holster, especially around the trigger guard, when your weapon is secured. In addition, a safe holster will be made from high-quality leather or other materials so that they don’t rip or stretch with use. Finally, your holster should completely cover your trigger.


In a competition, a few seconds can mean the difference between a win or a loss. Therefore, you want a holster that allows you to draw your weapon quickly and easily. You may need to try several types of holsters and different carry methods to find the options that allow you to draw the quickest.


Your holster should fit securely to your body, and your draw should not be impeded by your clothing. In addition, choose a holster that is comfortable. For example, if you are using a concealed carry holster during your competition, choose a material that does not chafe your skin. You also want a shape that won’t pinch or poke you. For example, you may choose a holster with rounded edges.


Competitions differ; some require you to stand in place and shoot, while others require you to move around, dodge, and run. Therefore, your retention should be easily adjustable. For example, if you are running, you don’t want your weapon to slip out of your holster, so you want tighter retention. However, if your speed is important and you are not moving around, you want looser retention so that you can draw faster.

Your holster plays a major role in your competition success. Choose the best for your type of competition.