Surprising Skills for Architects

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By Admin Desk

Architects need an array of skills such as dedication, imagination, and organization as well as the design and math abilities to complete projects. If you work as an architect, then chances are you already know that computer and leadership skills can make the job easier. Many interested students, however, can be surprised by how much these things are used on the job.

Computer Skills

Along with the tools and knowledge to draw designs by hand, architects use computer and coding skills to translate ideas into Computer Assisted Design programs to create two- and three-dimensional objects. This does not mean that you need a degree in computer science to be an architect, but knowing how to find, create, or use free lisps can make the process easier. CAD blueprints can help teams collaborate easier without needing to be in the same space and are often the first way you send plans to clients and contractors.

Leadership Skills

Leadership, interpersonal and communication skills help architects collaborate with clients, builders, and government agencies to ensure the success of a project. Many architects will start out working with a team of other professionals and the better you can work with the other members, or lead them when needed, the better your chances of promotions and favorable reviews. If you want to branch out and open your own design firm, these skills can also help you direct a team of employees, secure contracts, and find the best professionals in the trades for each project.

Architects, like most skilled professionals, benefit from having computer and leadership skills because of the ways that technology evolves and how many people it takes to complete a project. When you work on building these skills, you can improve CAD efficiency and team productivity, whether you are on your own or part of an established firm.