Types of Barricades for Your Safety Needs

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Whether you have a construction project at your business or you’re in charge of a local event, renting barricades Seattle WA will help keep people safe. Perhaps you need to keep people away from a certain area, or you need to create a walkway or observer area. Barricades protect people from health and safety hazards and you from liability. There are a few different types of barricades that you can consider for your next project or event.

  • Barricade Type 1
  • Barricade Type 2
  • Barricade Type 3
  • Water-filled Barricade
  • Pedestrian Barricade

Barricade Types 1-3

These barricades are the orange and white striped signs that you most often see at construction sites. Think of the types corresponding to the rows of striped rails that the barricade has. Type 1 has one striped rail, most often used to alert pedestrians and drivers to the fairly minor roadway or sidewalk hazards. Type 2 has two striped rails and is similarly used to alert people to maintenance or utility work that is occurring.

Both Type 1 and Type 2 are typically set up as an A-frame. Type 3 barricades have three rails of orange and white stripes. They look like a piece of fencing and usually indicate that a road is blocked or a walkway is unavailable.

Water-filled Barricade

These heavy, plastic, often orange barricades are frequently used for longer-term construction projects or big events. They may be seen at airports to set boundaries, for traffic control, and for crowd control. These barricades are often a better choice than concrete barriers because they are easier to set up, remove, and are recyclable.

Pedestrian Barricades

You’ve likely seen pedestrian barricades at concerts, parades, or races. These metal railings interlock to control the flow of foot traffic in relation to the event in progress.

Renting the proper barricades for your next project or event will keep people safely working or enjoying the event and give you peace of mind.