Top 5 Tips for Diesel Engine Maintenance

If you use your diesel engine for a lot of tasks like pulling, pushing, or hauling heavy loads, you know how important it is to keep it well maintained. Engines are complicated, but following a proper maintenance schedule will keep your engine in good shape for years. Here are the top 5 tips to keep in mind when thinking about diesel engine maintenance.

1) Air Filters

Depending on where you drive, your air filter may need to be changed at different intervals. Check this regularly if you drive through polluted or debris-filled areas. This can be done with the filter in place and only removed if it needs replacing, which you can do yourself.

2) Fuel Filters

Replace your fuel filters, both primary and secondary, according to your maintenance schedule. Find a brand, like Airdog Fuel Filters, you can trust to hold up for 15k miles in between maintenance. Keeping these filters fresh is absolutely necessary for the long term potential of your engine.

3) Monitor Your Coolant

Since coolant tends to become more acidic over time, you need to continually monitor your engine’s coolant. Abide by your engine’s maintenance schedule and have your coolant flushed regularly or acidic coolant could rot your engine’s cooling system.

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4) Biodiesel and Diesel Fuel Additives

Available at any truck stop or fuel station, biodiesel and other fuels with diesel fuel additives are always necessary. These additives demulsify water, keep your fuel injectors flowing at maximum capacity, and help fuel gelling.

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5) Change Your Oil Regularly

While it can sometimes be difficult to come up with the most efficient schedule for oil changes, your engine still needs consistent oil changes to operate. Consult with your engine manufacture’s guidelines and consider your engine’s workload.

Work to keep your diesel engine properly maintained and you will reap the rewards for years of work to come.

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