Tourists Places are Closed Still People are not Staying at Home

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By John Wick

Due to the ban on the entry of tourists in Murree, people will be stuck in large numbers at the toll plazas. On the second day & today of Eid-ul-Fitr, a large number of tourists turned to Murree & Naran.

Despite fears of the spread of the coronavirus, a large number of tourists are going to towards tourist places which are already closed till 15 June.
Security agencies and traffic police prevented tourists from going to Murree from the toll plaza and no one except locals was allowed to enter.

Hotel owners and traders are appealing to the government to allow tourists to enter Murree & Naran under SOPs. People say that the way shopping malls, airplanes, and railways are being opened to save their people from unemployment. Tourist places should also be opened.