Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies that Work Like Charm

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By John Wick

Do you think that you’ve got the right idea that can make millions? Or you already have an establishment that you think can go beyond than anyone ever dared? Well, it’s good to chase your dreams, but without the following digital marketing tips 2021 or a good Digital Marketing Agency, you will always be lacking something with your marketing strategy.

In a recent survey, it has been concluded that almost 90% of Indian startups fail within the first five years, and the problem isn’t just money because plenty of them raise billions in their initial rounds of funding, so what exactly were they lacking?

Let’s discuss what were the areas that they didn’t focus on and what can you do to not fail like them

1. Invest in the Storytelling, Not Just Selling

Never take your audience as just your targeted audience; they may become your faithful followers if they ‘connect’ with your brand emotionally, physically, or financially. A good digital marketing agency in India can help you understand it better and humanely market your brand.

2. Create an Experience, Not Just a Product

Well, that’s an important part; you are not going to allure people with just a product, there should be some element of hype, value, and uniqueness that the entire experience of communicating with your brand provides, be it offline or online. E.g., To build your footprints on the search engine, you need to opt for search engine optimization services from a top-notch digital marketing agency in India.

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3. Hold Contests and Giveaways; People Love Freebies

What all the greatest digital marketing strategies won’t be able to do in months or probably years, announce a giveaway or hold an easy contest, you’ll get people thronging your platform in unimaginable numbers. That’s the power of freebies.

4. Share Updates, Daily

It doesn’t have to be concerned with your business every time; it can be a social media creative about cricket match outcome, a blog about the new exciting features that you are adding to your products, a listicle about your vision of a better world. People need to see and read content online; almost all the time, the brands that don’t share often are easily forgotten.

5. Think Local, Promote Local, Go Global

People are quick to react to the post originating from their local celeb’s desk, or a brand that uses the local city’s name in the keyword, or just a success story emerging from their region; they like the idea that one of them is making it big. It feels personal to them; it makes them proud.

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So, always remember to cater to the global audience while equally balancing the needs back home, as they are your support system. Even if the world rejects your brand, the local audience, if driven towards your brand, will love you unconditionally.

6. Be Easier to Access

Brands who become successful overnight; usually cannot handle the fame unless they are always humble and responsive to their users. The Internet, especially social media, has created a world where everyone is equal, and you can get answers from several ministries, corporate CEOs, and even the president of a country if your query holds validity. These bigshots were usually inaccessible before, but now you just have to tweet a particularly condescending note, and voila, you are everybody’s favorite, and everybody would try to cheer you up.

“Remember to be a brand loved by many, you need to respond better to hate.”

So, it’s always advisable to be responsive on digital platforms and share the contact person’s details more than often.

7. Be Patient

Digital marketing or even search engine optimization services alone is not rocket science; it takes time to be everyone’s favorite online, as stories can be created overnight, but building a legacy takes time. And we all know how ‘volatile’ is the online world, so remember to put your game face on, stick to your ideologies, and work on improving your digital and offline presence, day in and day out, without fail.

These are the digital marketing hacks that you should keep in mind when opting for a reliable Digital Marketing Agency in India.

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