How do I become a bartender?

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By Kaleem Ullah

For training as a bartender, you should first meet a few requirements, because not everyone can take on this job.

  • Creativity
  • Fast, careful work
  • Hygiene awareness
  • Organizational talent
  • Willingness to work irregularly

Requirements for further training to become a bartender are…

If you’re looking for bartending training, you won’t find it. No type of dual training to become a bartender 호빠알바 is offered in Korea. Rather, you can train yourself through further education or courses and qualify for the profession. In the best case, you should have a little experience from working as a waiter or at the bar in order to be able to complete the short training with good grades.

The advanced training is divided into theory and practice, with a far larger share in theory. The main three theoretical components are goods and beverage studies, technical knowledge and safety and, third, general operational processes.

Goods and beverages are a very important part of your training, every good bartender should be able to advise the guest and explain the ingredients and the production of his drinks to him. With the second part of the theory, a bar stands and falls. Especially when it comes to safety, health, youth and environmental protection as well as hygiene, it shows which bartender or bar owner masters his trade; this is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. The operational processes and everything related to them are also essential for a functioning bar. For you as a bartender, the quality of your products is in the foreground, but you should put at least as much value on the calculation and follow-up of the events, because a high turnover is your fundamental goal.

In practice, you will learn from the trainers how to make various drinks, mixing techniques and how to use glasses, as well as ideas for various recipes for your very own creations. If you want to work quickly and effectively, you have to keep track of your workplace. hat is why a friendly and caring approach to guests is always the order of the day, because communication is a big part of your work. Your appearance is also important, always dress according to the style of the bar.

Alternative training to the job

Hotel specialist (m / f / d)

Hotel professionals read guests’ wishes from their lips and ensure that guests feel comfortable in the hotel and find everything they need: a clean room, good service, fresh food and drinks. They play an important role when it comes to what impression a guest gets of a hotel. Her work is very varied and multi-faceted due to her work in all areas of the hotel business.

System catering specialist (m / f / d)

호빠 specialists in system catering structure and monitor work processes in branches of centrally controlled restaurant chains. .

Restaurant specialist

Restaurant experts give patient, friendly and competent advice on food and drinks, take guests’ orders and serve them to them. In addition to uniform clothing, which is particularly common in upscale restaurants, a broad smile is an equally important part of the appearance of a restaurant professional. In addition to working in the everyday restaurant business, they help in the planning, preparation and implementation of extraordinary events and festivities.

Specialist in the hospitality industry

Specialists in the hospitality industry ensure the well-being of the guests: They clean the rooms, prepare them, serve drinks and dishes, set up buffets and help in the kitchen. What applies to customer contact in sales rooms also applies to dealing with guests in restaurants. Everything is designed to ensure that the guest is satisfied and that your restaurant or hotel is rated well and that a recommendation is made. This is how your company secures its customers and can be economically successful.

Further education

Specialist in the hospitality industry

Specialists in the hospitality industry manage and manage businesses or areas of the hospitality industry. By developing and implementing marketing concepts, organizing events and instructing and guiding employees, you ensure that everything runs smoothly, as well as for numerous customers in the hospitality industry. We introduce you to other interesting training courses in our text Professions in Gastronomy and Hotels. If you have found a job description that appeals to you, you can use our search engine to search directly for a vacant apprenticeship position. You can are looking for this service then click on highlighted link and visit our recommended site. Indeed you will satisfy from our service.