Setting Up Your New Business

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Many new businesses are opening each month and it can be daunting to know how to start. After you have chosen your new company’s name and location, here are a few more items to consider.


Open a new company account at your local bank; having someone nearby that can advise you is always a good idea. Use a record-keeping system and set up your accounting that can produce regular financial statements. Understand all the state and federal taxes and organize a system to pay them on time.

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Legal Items

Determine the legal structure of your company — will you be an LLC, a partnership, or something else? Apply for all your licenses and permits and purchase any necessary business insurance. Insurance must cater to your business requirements for example if you are opening a beauty salon, you will need beauty salon insurance.


You might need some employees, even from day one. Follow a hiring checklist to make sure you understand employer guidelines. If you have several employees, choose a team that will work well together. Diversity in hiring will bring a broader experience of ideas and backgrounds. You want to be fair in the process and ultimately choose staff that can help your company to succeed.


All businesses need to communicate with their clients. Purchase computer hardware and programs that will work best for your company. If you are a professional office, look into phone systems for dentists Denver. Involve your team in selecting office communication tools that they might already be familiar with. Then start getting the word out about your new business.

You can market through emails, social media, newspaper ads, mailers, or referrals. Utilize your staff to invite their family and friends to tour your new office. Word of mouth is probably the most effective marketing tool.

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Ask clients to leave positive reviews and then have regular staff meetings to analyze the company’s growth. Track your successes and challenges, and determine how you can improve.

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Good luck with your new company. Follow these steps and your success should soon follow.

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