Top 5 things for couples to do in Kashmir

Kashmir is the only heaven on Earth. For many years, Kashmir has been the ideal destination for Honeymooners. It is a stunning scene with snow-covered mountains and pristine blue lakes. The atmosphere is a romantic haven, and couples love it. Kashmir boasts some of the most spectacular views in India, including snowfall, which can be seen over a few months. Kashmir is truly India’s crown jewel.

It is also influenced by the Mughal art style, which can be seen in the area’s designed gardens and lakes. The place takes you back to yesteryears and is truly a wonder in itself. You can stroll through the gardens with your loved ones, enjoy the snow, or simply soak in the beauty and beauty of Mother Earth. There are many places to explore this beautiful paradise. If you’re not sure where to start, we have listed five spots that are perfect for couples.

#1 Nigeen Lake

Nigeen Lake is the ideal place for couples looking to spend quality time together while relaxing in the laps of nature. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery of willow and poplar trees. It creates an idyllic atmosphere that is similar to its name, which means “the ring of the jewel”. Although the lake is small, it offers many activities for couples. You can take a boat ride or go on shikhara to enjoy the beautiful views.

The spot is well-known for its sunsets and sunrises, which can be enjoyed. Memories can be made for a lifetime. There are many spas and saunas along the coast of Dal Lake where couples can relax. The popular couple spas offer couples the chance to unwind and refresh themselves. Couples can take in the breathtaking views, enjoy delicious food and drink, and then relax in the company of nature.

#2 Nishant garden

Nishant Garden, inspired by Mughal art, is a stunning place that lies at Dal Lake. The garden is refreshing and rejuvenating and invites couples to enjoy a relaxing stroll. The garden is home to roses and geraniums. This beautiful spot is included in any Kashmir travel packages.

Each of the twelve structures is shaped like a terrace and represents one of twelve zodiac signs. This garden is known for its stunning sunset views.

Couples can relax and take in the stunning backdrop of snow-covered mountains, with the sun setting on the sparkling waters of Dal-lake. Here you might also love to take photos. You can also take a shikara ride through Nehru Park. If you’re taking your spouse, it is an unforgettable experience that will be memorable.

#3 Sonamarg

Sonamarg offers a wonderful place to enjoy both quaint and explorative times. Trekking with your spouse is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Sonamarg. You can check out the Machoi peak (or Kolahoi peak), Sirbal peak (or Amarnath peak) and other mountains that offer a great trekking experience. These trails offer breathtaking views of the whole city and are very adventurous.

You can also enjoy some nature time in Sonamarg, which is home to several lakes like the Satsar and Gangabal, as well as Krishnasagar. It is a unique experience to sit on the shores of these lakes and wash in the gushing waters. Thajiwas Glacier is another incredible site that welcomes adventurers to camp and hike. White water rafting is another popular activity that draws tourists. Sonamarg, at 2800m above sea level, is a beautiful hill station that’s great for couples.

#4 Gulmarg

Gulmarg is a beautiful hill station that draws tourists from all over the world. Gulmarg is a safe place that captures the pure beauty of Kashmir’s paradise nature. You can view the meadow’s greenery in summer, while winter brings snowy blankets. Gulmarg is known for its skiing activities, so most couples choose to spend their time here. You can have your ski trip guided by a trainer, making it safe and comfortable.

You can also enjoy other snow sports with your partner, in addition to skiing. Cable ride is a major tourist attraction in Gulmarg. Gulmarg’s cable car ride offers a bird’s-eye view of the entire region. You can choose to ride the entire route from Gulmarg up to Apharwat Peak in one and a quarter hours. You can enjoy the entire journey with your partner. This beautiful spot is included in any Kashmir Honeymoon package.

#5 Dal Lake

Dal Lake is strategically located in the heart of Srinagar. The romantic setting is made even more special by the beautiful scenery. It is a good idea to take the Shikara ride, which takes you through the water while you marvel at the stunning surroundings. On the boat ride, you can enjoy Kahewa (or Kahwa) traditional Kashmiri tea. These precious moments can also be captured by photographers. Visit the location where Mission Kashmir’s song-Bumbro -Bumbro was shot. The floating market is another interesting place that can be visited. You can go on a shopping spree with your loved ones, and you can pamper her here with souvenirs or handicrafts.

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