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Modernising An Old Conservatory: A How To Guide

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By John Wick

Property experts suggest that adding a conservatory to your property can work wonders. Not only can increase the value of your home by up to 7%, but can create more space in the home, which is always beneficial. Conservatories have been an additional feature to many homes for decades now, but over time the style, purpose, and construction of conservatories have changed dramatically, and like any other part of the home, needs modernizing updating. Technology and building work have advanced massively, allowing conservatories to progress from their initial build and flaws- such as being too hot in the summer and unbearably cold in the winter.

There are several reasons to upgrade your conservatory, from potential buyers to added value or interior design purposes. If you’re looking to update your conservatory so it blends seamlessly with the rest of your property instead of looking “stuck”, or you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast”, then here at We Buy Any House have compiled some tips to modernize an old conservatory.

Tip #1- Consider the Function

Before you begin drafting in the builders, consider what you wish to do with your updated conservatory. Think about what you are going to use the space for, whether you want to use it as a space for extra storage, a dining area, or a living space/lounge. Having an idea of what you wish to use the space for will allow you to redesign and upgrade the room accordingly without wasting any space.

Tip #2- Match to the Exterior

Aim to have a harmonious feel to your home by matching the conservatories’ exterior to the outside of your property. As mentioned before, having a conservatory that appears to be “stuck” onto the existing property can negatively impact the value of your property, and if you’re looking to put your home on the property market then that can be a huge downfall. Your conservatory should work aesthetically and architecturally with your home in order to create cohesion.

Tip #3- Conservatory Doors

Although they may be a costly addition, upgrading your conservatory doors is a great way to modernize your conservatory. Modern extensions and open plan kitchen designs are increasingly popular and sought after on the property market, so it may be a worthwhile investment. Bifold and sliding doors are a frequent choice when it comes to modernizing your conservatory, as they provide a seamless link between the indoor and outdoor space, as well as making the space appear bigger.

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Tip #4- Stopping Overheating and Heat Loss

A flaw of older style conservatories is the fact that they lose heat during the winter- making the room unbearably cold, and during summer months the room tends to overheat. Overheated conservatories are guaranteed during hot months, and the notion is always made worse if your property is south-facing. Modernizing and updating your conservatory can help with this issue, and there are various approaches:

  1. Replace the existing glass with efficient, thermally coated double glazing.
  2. Choose an option that offers additional protection from glare and overheating, such as tinted glass and low emissivity.
  3. Install an automatic vent to work off a thermostat to control the internal temperature.
  4. Install underfloor heating or a wood burner to keep the room warm and snug during colder months.

Tip #5- Soundproofing

Another downfall of conservatories is that they often echo noise such as rainfall- and even if you find these sounds relaxing, they can still prove irritating. Even if your conservatory roof happens to be glazed, it may not be that efficient for soundproofing against outdoor noises. An alternative to this is to invest in double glazing, which should improve not only the noise issues in the room but also help improve the overall feel and sound quality of the room.

Tip #6- Improve the Interior

Lighting, furniture, and textiles play an integral role in the design and modernization of your conservatory. It only takes a small few interior design tweaks to change the entire feel of the room, and a handful of curated items can transform your conservatory.

The easiest way to start is with the furniture. Practical and functional furniture is best and opts for ones that have longevity. If the room is more centered towards style, then you may be inclined to choose the most stylish pieces of furniture. But you should always consider comfort.

Lighting can determine the ambiance of the room. Consider the function of the room. If you plan on using the space as a relaxation room, then overhead bright, harsh lights are probably not a great idea. Instead, invest in lamps or lights or use floor-level lighting. For a modern touch, consider LED strip lights or spotlights.

Inject color, texture, and versatility into the room by adding some blinds, throws, cushions, and rugs. This will not only add character to the room. But enable you to style it how you see fit and enable the room to look modern and refreshed.

Tip #7- Rebuild:

If you’re not working with a budget, then you may want to consider rebuilding the room into an Orangery. Dating back to the 17th-century Italian renaissance gardens, Orangeries were a symbol of affluence and wealth. Suggested by the name, the room was used to grow citrus trees, as the sunlight was brought in by the glass exterior. Since then, they have become an added feature of many homes but vary in structure and architectural features.