Top 4 Benefits of Ocean Freight Shipping

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By Kaleem Ullah

One of the best ways to ship your goods is by using ocean freight forwarders. When you choose a professional and experienced international Freight shipping company to handle the overall shipping logistics, they will help you understand all the options available to you. A reputed ocean freight forwarding company will also help you calculate the overall cost of the shipping. 

However, many business owners become confused as they don’t know whether ocean or air freight forwarding services will be relevant for their business. Even though air freight services are faster, they are also expensive. Therefore, if you’re not in hurry and you want to ship products internationally, you should choose ocean freight forwarding services. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 advantages of ocean freight shipping. Without further ado, let’s get started. 


One of the best benefits of ocean freight shipping is that they are comparatively less expensive. Even though the delivery time of ocean freight shipping is longer, they will always cost less than the other air freight shipping methods. However, many people don’t know the price difference between air and ocean freight shipping. The cost of ocean freight online shipping is six times cheaper than shipping your goods through the air. 

Even though air freight shipping is the fastest method, you need to consider the size of the plane as well as the weight of your goods. Commercial boats have plenty of room and they can carry a significant amount of heavy cargo. But, you might have to face weight limitations on air freight shipping due to oversize load trucking

They are Environment Friendly

Shipping goods through ocean freight forwarding companies is undoubtedly a much more environmentally friendly approach. Remember that cargo airlines are extremely dangerous for the environment as they release a massive amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This contributes to global warming. As per Climate, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas

Even if you don’t have a high concern for the environment, you still need to choose an eco-friendly mode of transportation for your shipment process. Additionally, your customer will be happy when they notice your business is environment friendly. Depending on the clients and nature of your business, advertising green solutions is undoubtedly a beneficial factor. 

It is Convenient and Capable of Carrying Heavy Cargo

If you want to ship a small number of goods, you don’t need extensive space to ship your products. This is where ocean freight shipping comes in handy. When you ship your goods through the ocean, you can share a container with other companies. 

Apart from that, ocean freight shipping is the only option available when you want to ship heavy cargo. You cannot shop steel or iron heavy cargo on an airplane. Some products are so heavy that air freight shipping isn’t available for them. In this case, you should use the ocean freight shipping method. 

It’s Safer

If you’re shipping hazardous materials, you have to use ocean freight shipping services. The employees of ocean shipping have special training to handle hazardous materials. They will not only seal the containers for extra security but also inspect the cargo regularly throughout the entire journey. 

Unless you have a rush order, ocean freight shipping services are beneficial to almost every aspect of your business. 


These are the top 4 great advantages of ocean freight shipping. Now that you know the benefits, it’s time to choose the perfect freight forwarding company for your business. If you want to learn more, consider contacting us.