Smart Tips for Businesses to Get the Best Possible Shipping Quote

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By Kaleem Ullah

On occasions, you may need to import items from nations like China. You need to deal with suppliers and negotiate effectively with freight forwarders to get the best possible shipping quote. As per Inc., coming up with price quotes could be a tricky affair. Prospective clients are always looking for the figures the services come up with in their price quotations. However, businesses understand that it is their golden opportunity to bolster the relationship. 

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For all businesses, shipping costs play a pivotal role in their bottom line. Often a good product may become an unprofitable item because the shipping expenses are very high and adversely impact the profit margin. Reliable and experienced freight forwarders know their business well and will provide a fair shipping quote each time.

However, it helps them immensely if their clients understand how to send their quote requests with accurate details. That goes a long way in providing a good shipping quote. Here are some expert tips for potential clients so that they can get the best possible shipping quote.

Always Focus on Providing Accurate & Comprehensive Information

While sending the quote request, you should give the freight forwarders complete and accurate details of your shipment. The freight forwarders are looking for basic information like preferred shipping methods. Are you interested in shipping via ocean or air? You should inform the freight forwarders. Next, it is imperative to provide your freight term. Is it Ex-work based or FOB based? The export clearance fees and documentation fees are often different in terms of quotes for shipping

You should point out the pickup location, the specific city with the correct zip code. Moreover, be specific about the discharge port where you want your consignment to offload. Provide all the relevant details of your product so that the freight forwarders can identify the correct harmonized code or HS code. It helps freight forwards in giving you the estimated duty and tax.

Provide accurate shipment information so that you get a reasonably good shipping quote. Provide crucial details like carton dimension, weight, and even the number of cartons to be shipped.

Price Quotation Request from As Many As 3 Freight Forwarders

Never choose a freight forwarder depending on a single quote. Always get in touch with multiple services. Get as many as three price quotations from three freight forwarders. Look for competitive prices. Prospective customers should always send identical shipping quote requests so that they can compare fairly. Keep the shipping quote criteria identical and consistent.

Ask for Cost Breakup

You need to know about specific service fees, documentation fees, shipping charges, delivery charges, or pickup fees, etc. It is essential as it helps you in comparing different providers from all perspectives. A cost breakup will highlight the difference between freight forwarders, and you will know how to negotiate with them.

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Negotiate Well with Your Freight Forwarder

You may negotiate with your freight forwarder only after doing your homework diligently. Compare the three shipping price quotations on every count and accordingly ask for concessions. You may tell your freight forwarder, for example, your delivery charges are much higher as compared to others so can you consider matching or lowering your quote?


While asking for a quote from freight forwarders, you need to provide comprehensive and accurate information. Always compare the shipping quotes from as many as three freight forwarders. Negotiate to get the best deal!