Tips to Setting Up a Dynamic Trade Show Table

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Going to a trade show or a convention to advertise your product or company can be great fun especially if your table is popular and draws a crowd. However, the hours can be excruciatingly long if no one seems interested. Set up a great table by planning ahead to make your table the place to be.


You can never have too many signs to advertise what you’re selling. Use a printer, or even better a plotter, to create poster-sized signs and banners to hang behind, in front of, and to the sides of your table. If you’re having trouble with your printer, reach out to design jets repair Loudoun County VA because this is one aspect of your table set-up that you won’t want to skimp on.


Something always goes wrong at trade shows, so be ready for anything and everything. Even if you’ve been promised a certain number of outlets, bring your own extension cords and surge protectors. Never assume you will have enough tape. Bring packing tape, double-sided, duct tape, and Scotch tape. There is no telling what will work on the walls of the venue. Don’t forget zip ties for posters and scissors to cut the zip ties at the end of the convention.

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Table Decoration

An easy way to decorate your table is with a large white sheet. Attach a banner around all sides and use one as a table runner also. Set a big bowl to hold raffle tickets and any type of game and giveaways you might use to draw customers to your table.

Think about using your vertical space too. If five people are crowded around the table, will those walking by be able to tell anything about your product? Consider putting a small bookcase, tall display stand, or even logoed balloons on top of the table to make use of the vertical space.

Trade shows can be enjoyable especially if you can create a buzz at your table. Avoid having a boring table by bringing everything you need to make your product shine.