How to Choose the Best Printer for Your Needs

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If you start browsing the selection of printers available on the market, it can get confusing pretty quickly. Sure, you know there are inkjet and laser printers, but what’s the difference? And which one is right for you? What else should you consider before making a decision?

Network vs. Remote Connectivity

Even just a few years ago, this might not have been a primary consideration when choosing a printer, but people are increasingly working away from the office, and even away from their homes. Improved network and communication tools make a lot of jobs quite portable. Some printers are able to accept print jobs through cloud connectivity services, meaning you and your employees can print to the office printer from anywhere in the world, even from a mobile device.

These printers often have apps that allow the user to select from options such as collation and stapling if the printer has these features. Consider whether technology solutions Jackson MI remote printing abilities can help your company flourish as more people work away from the office, either by choice or by necessity.

Up Front Cost vs. Long Term

Inkjet printers are significantly less expensive than laser printers to purchase. Because of this, they are a common choice for personal use, and for many small businesses. In both categories, the cost can vary greatly with quality, longevity, and included features. Factors such as printing speed, ability to scan pages, and print quality all affect the initial cost of printers of any type.

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For a company that does a lot of printing, though, it can be much more important to consider the long-term costs of the type of printer you choose. The cost to print a single page using an inkjet printer can be upwards of three times the cost to print the same page using a laser printer. This cost difference is most drastic when printing in black and white.

Color vs. Black and White

It shouldn’t be a surprise that printing in color is more expensive than printing in black and white. Printing in black and white requires only black ink or toner, while printing in color requires three additional colors — cyan, yellow, and magenta typically — along with the black. Often multiple colors are used at once to create the shade specified in a document. Printing in color is roughly three times as expensive as black and white printing. If you predominantly need to print only black and white pages, it is worth considering purchasing a black and white printer, whether inkjet or laser, and outsourcing your infrequent printing of color pages to a local printing shop.

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