Tips for Buying Digital TV Set Top Box

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By John Wick

We all know the struggle of waiting for our favorite programs to air and then coming across an important task when it’s on. It can’t be denied that streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have changed the game. However, not every program or TV show is covered by these. And what a disappointment that would be if you can’t watch favorite shows even when you are paying for such services! A TV Set Top Box may be just the thing you need. It not only offers an extensive number of free to air digital channels but also lets you record your favorite shows and watch these later.

Your husband might want to watch a News channel but you might want to watch Peaky Blinders that airs at the same time. Your top box can record it for you so you can watch it at your convenience. Sounds amazing, right? Last year, I canceled my subscription of Netflix, chose one of the very attractive Spectrum TV packages, and bought a TV Set Top Box. It proved to be very cheap and convenient for me.

But what are some of the factors that you should take into account while buying a Top Box? Here is an easy guide to get you started.

Types of TV Set-Top Boxes

There are three types of top boxes: YouView, Freeview, and Freesat


YouView can be connected with both your aerial and Internet. It offers 70 channels and much more if you buy a TV package with it. It also lets you access online streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. YouView is the more expensive option as compared with Freeview and Freesat.


Freeview like YouView can be connected to your aerial and Internet. It offers the same number of channels and 15 HD channels as well if you buy an HD TV. It is a much cheaper option than YouView.


It is the cheapest option and offers you a lot of channels as well. But it requires the installation of a satellite dish in advance. So, if TV signals are not the best in your area, you can opt for this option.

Your Internet Connectivity

This may seem trivial but is quite an important thing to consider. If you are buying a top box with the option of internet connectivity through an Ethernet port, make sure that your router is fairly close to your box. If it isn’t, this option will just get wasted. Or you can buy a top box with the wi-fi option so that this may not be a problem.

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Channel Versions

Knowing whether your top box offers HD or SD channels is a crucial step before you buy one. It may depend on the quality of TV signals in your area as well. So, take note of these things before you make your choice.


You should look up some reviews of the product before buying it to make sure that the brand is reliable enough. You should also take into account the amount of time it takes the brand to rectify an issue. Any kind of technology is not perfect. Your home might be in a remote area and your top box may stop working a few days after installation. The brand should be responsible enough to get back to you immediately.

Storage Space

A built-in hard drive is necessary if you want to record your favorite programs and watch these later. Make sure that the hard drive has the storage capacity that suits your needs. Most of the top boxes have options ranging from 500GB to 1TB.

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Make sure that your top box is fairly easy to use. If it requires 2 or more than 2 remote controls to operate, it can frustrate you.


Make sure that your TV box offers at least 12-months warranty. It is important because unforeseen circumstances like electricity fluctuation can cause your top box to break down. So, always take the warranty period into account while shopping for a top box.

Range of Online Services

Your top box may allow you to get connected with the Internet but may not offer online streaming services that you desire for. So, go through the list of the online services offered by different top boxes before making a choice.

Final Words

Buying a Digital TV Set Top Box can solve the problem of sitting through the air time of your favorite show while you have other things to do. It can also offer you a lot of channels at a reasonable price. But considering a few things before buying a top box is important. Taking all things into account, I opted for Spectrum Digital Receiver that offered more HD channels and better audio quality than most of the top boxes in the market. Hopefully, like me, you’ll find the best suited top box for yourself by following this guide.